'Bones' Wish List: What Fans Want to See in Season 7
'Bones' Wish List: What Fans Want to See in Season 7
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The announcement of a seventh season for Bones has certainly presented the writers plenty of room to get creative and come up with ideas for the show's future. Though the finale cliffhanger will ultimately dictate the direction of the new season, there are some things that just have to happen sooner than later. We asked fans to come up with their wish list and here are some of the responses:

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John Butler: Bones and Booth having a relationship, a real one!

Jen Sessa Schroeder: More banter and cute moments between our duo and lots of comedy on the forensic platform! I'm wondering ... do the other Squinterns know each other? I think season 7 could go in so many directions and what about Emily Deschanel and her pregnancy?

Dana Dawson: Hodgins and Angela parenting. 

Olivia Rose Hughes: Kisses stolen in the corner! I want A SEXY SCENE [between Booth and Brennan]!

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