'Bones' Videos: Love and Carnage
'Bones' Videos: Love and Carnage
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Has Bones been too serious for you lately? If so, then you will most definitely love this week's Valentine's Day-themed episode. Murder, heartbreak and gooey body parts do nothing to bring down the mirth. And you can have a little of that joy in advance, thanks to a set of preview clips of the upcoming episode.

"The Bikini in the Soup" finds the Jeffersonian team investigating the murder of a wedding planner found cooked in her tanning bed. Because tanning beds are terrifyingly dangerous things, no one is sure, initially, that it even is a murder. They are certain, however, that the results are disgusting.

That eye will be haunting my nightmares from now on. Thanks Bones!

Unfortunately for the multitudes of lovestruck folk at the Jeffersonian, murders have to be solved, regardless of dinner plans. The anti-romance camp of Booth and Brennan might want to prioritize the investigation, but Cam is much more interested in celebrating.

A time limit on solving a murder... It's like 24! Only hopefully with less torture. Bones is gross enough without torture.

Investigations will have to proceed, couples' events notwithstanding, and the final clip shows Booth and Brennan midway through the investigation. It's a little hard to get a grip on what's happening in said investigation, because the talk remains firmly on Valentine's Day and its lack of importance.

Not to contradict both Booth and Brennan, but an awful lot has happened on Feb. 14. Thanks to Wikipedia (almost definitely the source of Brennan's Feb. 14 knowledge), we can add the commencement of the Dresden firebombing of World War II (1945), the death of Captain Cook in Hawaii (1779) and the fatwa against Salman Rushdie for The Satanic Verses (1989).

Who needs love and hearts and flowers when you have all that? Add in a disgusting-even-by-Bones-standards murder victim, and we can all feel sure of sufficient laughter and joy from this week's episode of Bones. Even without a Valentine's date.

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