'Bones' Video: Watch Out for Evil Booth
'Bones' Video: Watch Out for Evil Booth
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The sniper is coming! The sniper is coming! And he'll be here soon.

On the Jan. 27 episode of Bones, "The Bullet in the Brain," we'll finally get our first glimpse of the much-rumored sniper. As it turns out, this evildoer bears a striking resemblance to one of our heroes: Seeley Booth.

TVLine has posted a video from Bones in which show creator Hart Hanson and executive producer Stephen Nathan discuss the twisted ways in which the sniper is more or less the evil twin of Booth. The video also shows several brief, Booth-centric snippets from upcoming episodes.

Watch the video here:

The two producers point out that the sniper being Booth's evil twin is similar to the Grave Digger as the villainous mirror-image of Brennan. You know, if Brennan suddenly decided to start kidnapping people and burying them alive. This is, granted, what Bones did with Zach a couple of seasons ago, so I suppose a criminal version of Brennan isn't too far-fetched.

As for the sniper, we don't get much of a peek at the guy yet. There's a creepy board of six snipers (all personal acquaintances of Booth), a disembodied voice and a shadowy figure running. Hopefully, there will be a little more in the episode itself.

The big payoff from all of this will of course be the sniper's effect on Booth. Will Booth be able to continue investigating murders? Will he share any of his feelings or bottle them up until the inevitably messy explosion? How is the whole Brennan-Booth-Hannah triangle going to figure into all this?

And will we see any evil versions of other Bones characters soon? I could get very excited to witness the arrival of an evil Angela. Although I'm not sure that an evil Hodgins would be much different -- that guy has always seemed a bit shady to me.

What do you think? How will Booth deal with the sniper? What will be the consequences? And are we 100 percent sure of who is going to get shot yet? Let your comments and theories below!

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