'Bones' Teasers: 9 Things to Get Excited about in 'The Teacher in the Books'
'Bones' Teasers: 9 Things to Get Excited about in 'The Teacher in the Books'
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

Boneheads can finally relax because Bones is back for good and we can finally get on with our lives. So, we've got a lot to pack into the final episodes, so let's get straight down to business with some cryptic teases about "The Teacher in the Books."

#1 Booth Has Mad Domestic Skills

Folks who like to drool over Booth's domestic talents will be thrilled with one of the scenes in this episode. Booth is in rare form and Brennan couldn't be happier.

#2 The Squintern Becomes the Teacher

Pithy Squintern Jessica Warren (Guest star Laura Spencer) is back for her fourth appearance. If you've been on the fence about Jessica, her interactions in "The Teacher in the Books" may push you over the edge to become a solid Jessica fan. Brennan wishes to dominate a new area of anthropology that Jessica specializes in, leading to copious laugh-out-loud moments. Little known tidbit: If my sources are correct, the next time we see Jessica will be at baby-announcement time.
#3 "The Teacher in the Books" Presents a Socioeconomic Issue Close to Many Bones Fans' Hearts

Bones is famous for their social commentary surrounding issues that usually don't get sufficient press. This episode highlights an issue that plagues Americans specifically and can never have enough light shone upon it. Bones manages to highlight this politically-charged issue in a very thoughtful and understated way, resulting in an uplifting storyline and resolution for the individuals involved. Of course, it helps that the central figure calling attention to the issue is a beloved character from the old days.

#4 A Beloved Character of Old Returns and Gets a Lot of Screen Time

You know how there are some characters whose personalities are so wonderful and their impact so pervasive that you just can't believe they were only in a few episodes? For example, Hank "Pops" Booth, charmingly portrayed by the late Ralph Wait only appeared in three episodes. How is that possible, right? Well, it's true. Our beloved Avalon Harmonia (Cyndi Lauper) recently appeared in only her fourth episode. How about that? Well, "The Teacher in the Books" brings back another beloved character who has had more screen time than Pops and Avalon, but (s)he is always, always, always a welcome and celebrated addition to every episode (s)he graces.
#5 Someone Says "You're Stupid," and Someone Else Says "#YouOweMeAnApology"

Can you guess who may have said these things? I'll give you a hint: these comments are traded between the same two people, but in different conversations.

#6 One of the Suspects is 'Totes Adorbs'

In the words of James Earl Jones in a commercial for Sprint, this 'totes adorbs' suspect is one of the youngest in Bones history. He/she is so precious you'll want to serve them warm chocolate chip cookies and milk so you can just spend time looking at them and listening to them speak.

#7 A Groundbreaking Dating Technology Is Announced

I have no idea if this is a real thing or not, but the concept is brilliant and hilarious. Someone gets egg all over their face as a result. 

#8 #CreepyestTransportationMethodEver

"The Teacher in the Books" takes the cake for the creepiest corpse-transportation method in Bones history. Hats-off to the Bones Fairies on this one. However, I don't think I want to go out of my house anymore. At a minimum, if I do go out I think I'm going to keep my eyes on the ground. Who needs one more trauma to talk about on the psychiatrist's couch? Not me.

#9 Best Selling Author Temperance Brennan Writes #BestTweetEver

Brennan becomes so skilled in social networking that she authors the #BestTweetEver. Yeah, youíll know it when you hear it.

Now, you've already seen the promos so you know Brennan gets a Twitter account. Wouldn't it be cool if FOX creates a @BestForensicAnthropologistInTheWorldTemperanceBrennan account and live-tweets Brennan's tweets when they appear during the episode? Imagine what a frenzy that would cause. Or maybe they could have a competition and give away something cool to the 1,000th person to send a tweet to @BestForensicAnthropologistInTheWorld after the show starts or ends. #JustAThought

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