'Bones' Season 8 Video: How Can the Jeffersonian Save Fugitive Brennan?
'Bones' Season 8 Video: How Can the Jeffersonian Save Fugitive Brennan?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Brennan is in trouble as Bones season 8 begins. After Christopher Pelant framed her for murder, the scientist had to go on the run. Thus, when Bones returns this fall, Booth and the team at the Jeffersonian will have to work to bring her back. Could even more murder be involved? Check out this Bones season 8 video to find out!

WARNING: If you do not want to see any Bones season 8 spoilers, this is not the article for you.

This is the second Bones season 8 promo video we have gotten, and there is a lot of new footage to check out. Click here to see the other Bones video.

What else can we learn about the upcoming season of Bones? Check out this video to find out:

Important (or not-so-important) points to note from this Bones video:

  • Christine is super-cute now! And kind of blonde. Did she get a fugitive dye job like her mother?


  • Brennan has been on-the-run for three months when we pick up in Bones season 8.
  • Brennan went to a murder scene and left evidence so that the Jeffersonian could prove her innocence in a completely separate crime? Seriously? I mean, I know she's smart, but this seems very tricky to pull off.
  • Blond FBI guy is really, really irritated by all of this.
  • Being a fugitive has made Brennan somewhat less logical. "Because you love me" isn't much of an explanation as to how and why booth is there.
  • I'm not exactly sure why we had to see a whole bunch of FBI vehicles in that one shot. It's probably important though.
  • Dr. Clark Edison, the massively over-qualified squintern, apparently is Brennan's replacement while she's on the lam.
  • "Brennan wants us to know that solving this murder will clear her name." I really hope this statement is based on direct communication between Brennan and Angela instead of on inference from the murder scene.

Bones season 8 will premiere on Monday, September 17 at 8pm on FOX.

Do you think the Jeffersonian team can find a way to bring back Brennan? How will a new murder help? What will Booth need to do? Leave your comments below!

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