'Bones' Season 7 Spoilers: News About the Baby and More
'Bones' Season 7 Spoilers: News About the Baby and More
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's almost baby time on Bones!

On Monday, April 2, Bones will return with new episodes. Could Booth and Brennan's little bundle of joy be far behind? Keep reading for Bones spoilers, including news and a peek at the new baby!

WARNING: There are some major Bones spoilers ahead. One of those spoilers is a photo, meaning you might not be able to miss it if you don't stop reading right now. So be careful...

A Baby and More in "The Prisoner in the Pipe"
The daughter of Booth and Brennan will be born by the end of "The Prisoner in the Pipe," the first episode airing when Bones returns from its hiatus.

But the birth of the little girl (whose name you can learn by clicking here) isn't the only highlight of the episode.

What else can we expect?

  • Brennan gives an excellent demonstration of why we should fear hospitals. Even nice Catholic ones.
  • Daisy is inappropriate, even by the bizarre standards of the Jeffersonian.
  • An eyeball gets fished out of a toilet and then sliced open in a very graphic manner.
  • The Royal Diner gets an espresso machine.
  • You can make a shiv out of paper. Who knew?

Do you need even more spoilers? Click here for the scoop from the Bones panel at Paley Fest.

Now, to get back to that baby...

No Room at the Inn
If you have spent any time whatsoever existing in the realm of Western civilization, you will probably recognize the religious roots of any story involving a baby born in a stable. Bones expects this. Judging from the birth scene in "The Prisoner in the Pipe," Bones even relishes this.

Because that's where Brennan and Booth's daughter is born. In a stable. With a horse. Other than the proud parents themselves, it's a very private affair.

Fortunately, Bones plays this whole birth scenario for laughs and sentiment, not medical danger. Everybody makes it out OK. Except possibly for the horse, who I would expect to be seriously traumatized.

Want to know more about the birth of Booth and Brennan's baby? Click here to watch video of Brennan going into labor.

Bones Hits the Streets with Tales of Graffiti and Homelessness
One of this spring's cases will feature a graffiti artist who has an unfortunate and up-close encounter with some human remains. According to TVGuide.com, the artist is named Twerpski -- a play on the infamous Banksy -- and will be portrayed by Jay Paulson.

Apparently, Twerpski falls off a billboard mid-graffiti, only to land on a pile of human remains. Twerpski the somehow ends up glued to those remains. Brought to the Jeffersonian as evidence, Twerpksi proceeds to delight Angela, one of his biggest fans.

A much more somber case this spring will involve unidentified remains from the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. TVGuide.com reports that the deceased will turn out to be a veteran, homeless because of post-traumatic stress disorder. Booth, understandably, takes a personal interest in the case and works to prove that the dead man was, in fact, a hero.

Bones episode 7.7, "The Prisoner in the Pipe," will air on Monday, April 2 at 8pm on FOX.

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