'Bones' Season 11 Premiere Teasers: Is Booth Missing?
'Bones' Season 11 Premiere Teasers: Is Booth Missing?
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Woohoo, Bones fans, Brennan and Booth are at it again with their 11th season premiere, "The Loyalty in the Lie!" Can you stand it? Despite being in the balance for way too long last season, the long-running and dearly-loved romantic crimedy hasn't missed a beat. In the finale our dynamic duo was expecting another baby and, for that reason among others (like having a couple body parts not yet broken, according to Booth), decided to bid adieu to their FBI and Jeffersonian colleagues to pursue their own safe and sane happily ever after. But things don't always go as planned, do they? Not when you're the crack crime-fighting duo of beautiful and brilliant forensic anthropologist, Dr. Temperance Brennan, and her husband-partner, the alluring and extraordinarily skilled Special Agent Seeley Booth. No sir.

It just so happens that the Booth family is still ensconced in the comfortable domestic tranquility of The Mighty Hut 2.0 when our continuing story opens. It's six months later and much has changed, but much has remained the same. While wild horses couldn't force me to spoil the juicy detes for you; I do have nine cryptic teases for you to chew on while you wait for the October 1 unveil.

#1 The King of the Lab Plays Young Frankenstein

Move over Gene Wilder. Remember that disgusting bot fly Hodgins was incubating in his own skin? Well, he's messing with nature again, though this time it's not nearly as revolting as it was in "The Dude in the Dam." Angela, however, is just as disgusted now as she was then, and you won't believe what he wants her to do with it. Pass the Febreze, please. 

#2 Booth Is Not at All Missing from "The Loyalty in the Lie"

Booth doesn't get a great deal of screen time during the episode, but when we see him, he's right where I like him: at home and in the lab. Does he enjoy being at the lab? Of course not, he never did. But he's there none the less. I think. 

#3 Blood and Gore Galore

We Bones aficionados love us some grossology, don't we? Like the dedicated multi-taskers we are, we try to eat dinner while watching our favorite crimedy. Stupid, stupid, stupid. More than once I've found myself wearing, rather than swallowing, my chicken wings. Did you know carbonated drinks make a lovely arc when spewed across the room by a viewer taken unawares? That's what Bones has taught me. Anyway ... the premiere has a gory scene second only to Booth's decimated home in "The Recluse in the Recliner." 

#4 Aubrey Channels The Godfather

I couldn't help being reminded of Clemenza delivering one of his most famous dry lines in The Godfather in one of Aubrey's scenes. Then it occurred to me that Aubrey and Clemenza have more than just their manner of speaking in common. And that led me to the next cryptic tease.

#5 Something Is Disturbingly Missing from Aubrey

Aubrey is a good guy. He's smart. He fits in with the other squints. He has a sardonic wit that has me laughing out loud at least once every episode. He and Caroline have one of the quippiest exchanges in "The Loyalty in the Lie." However, something is missing. It's so subtle that it took me a while to put my finger on it. See if you can figure it out. 

#6 A Bones Mystery Is Perpetrated

In season 10 we learned that Angela's real name is Pookie Noodlin. There are many remaining mysteries in Bones mythology. These mysteries are sacred, so I best not say more than that a fantastic part of this episode will be added to that list. Ardent fans will appreciate this old "friend," though you will have to pay close attention to catch it. You may wonder if you are really seeing what you think you are seeing. You are.

#7 The Perpetrated Mystery Precedes the Biggest Shock to the Heart

This shock will give you sweaty palms and significantly alter your perspective on the significance of the case. The fact that Booth can't explain it makes it all the more terrible. 

#8 Someone Is in Desperate Need of a Morale Booster

A key character on the brink of making a radical change losses faith early on in the episode after breaking a cardinal rule at the Jeffersonian. As usual, their folly is addressed publicly and the subject is humiliated, making them question if their deficiencies have ruined their options.

 #9 A Beautiful and Mysterious Man Appears Out of Nowhere

Yeah. And he's quite dishy. You may recognize him, but probably won't know why. I've scoured the web for more details about this person and found this to be a rather well-kept secret. We'll discuss it after you've seen the episode. I will give you these two clues, however: He's military and he may or may not have the moral turpitude of an alley cat.

Hopefully I've given you enough to get you scratching your head and doing a little research. My intent is to share the fun of Bones without spoiling the surprises of the episode as they unfold. Please remember that as you leave your own comments below. 

Bones premieres Thursday, October 1 at 8pm on FOX. 

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