'Bones' Recap: Booth and Brennan Go Undercover
'Bones' Recap: Booth and Brennan Go Undercover
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
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Last week on Bones, after a tension-filled episode, we saw Brennan accept Booth's refusal to marry her on faith after talking with his friend, and former priest, Aldo. In the end, Brennan also informed Booth that next time, he will be the one doing the proposing.

Cam is Under Arrest

In this week's episode, "The Cheat in the Retreat," Cam encounters some serious problems while on the way to a crime scene. When a bobcat is found feasting on a body, she and Arastoo are on the way when they are pulled over by the police. A seriously unhappy Cam thinks that Arastoo is being profiled and she asks why he is being pulled over. Cam is arrested after the officer checks her identification.

Booth and Brennan are joined at the scene by an overjoyed Hodgins, who is excited to be surrounded by bobcat urine and other unsavory stuff. He also discovers the victim's head lodged in a tree, courtesy of Mr. Bobcat.

Cause of Death

The victim's cause of death is blunt force trauma. Brennan determines that the victim is suffering from early stage skeletal fluorosis, which is unusual in North America. Cam is out of jail, but her identity card will not work at the Jeffersonian. She reveals that she is the victim of identity theft.

Meanwhile, Sweets is upset because his profiling skills are on the blink. The victim, Adam Pak, was not reported missing by his wife because he was on a business trip to Thailand. While speaking with Mrs. Pak, Sweets diagnoses her with a panic disorder when she is trying not to cry, and also states that her husband often calls her when he is away on business. He is wrong on both counts.

While Brennan and Angela chill out over a glass of wine at Brennan's house, Angela wonders why Bones is not angrier at Booth for his refusal to marry her. Angela is still plenty angry.

Undercover Investigations

Hodgins works his scientific magic and discovers that the victim was killed on an Indian reservation in Virginia. A part of the Indian tribal land is being leased to a marriage retreat. The victim was attending the retreat with a mystery woman as his wife. What does Booth suggest?

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An undercover stint as Tony and Roxie Scallion! I love it when Booth and Brennan go undercover!

At the Retreat

At the retreat, Brennan and Booth are put in a group with an elderly couple, Bill (played by John Ratzenberger) and Evelyn, and a young gay couple. Booth asks what type of problems Mr. and Mrs. Pak were having and finds out that Mr. Pak had secrets from his wife. Brennan reveals her secret -- that she hates the beer hat that her husband wears in the bath. Booth counters with why he doesn't like the African fertility statue in their bedroom. I love it when Bones brings the humor.

Kelly Pak finally joins the group and states that her husband left after they had a fight. Brennan and Evelyn join Kelly in a sweat lodge. While Evelyn chides Kelly for her bad temper, Bones chants in Latin to call Kelly's ancestors to help her speak the truth. Kelly says that she was angry that Adam Pak wouldn't leave his wife.

Second Thoughts About His Life

Sweet consults Angela about wanting to leave law enforcement to actually help people as a psychologist. He then answers a call from Booth and fills him in on some information. Shaman Little River, also known as Jeremy Brewster, changed his name after racking up assault and money fraud charges. Kelly Goodman, also known as Kelly Pak, received a sizable payment from the estate of her last boyfriend after his death. The team soon learns that he was killed in a car crash.

More Obstacles

At the retreat, one partner in a couple must wear a blindfold and a padded suit to complete an obstacle course with only their partner to talk them through the obstacles. Brennan directs Booth. When Booth tries to go through swinging poles, he is knocked over. Brennan thinks this is the murder scene since the victim was hit from two different directions at the same time. The victim's teeth were pulled out. Yikes!

We're with the FBI

Booth and Brennan reveal their true identities and demand that Shaman Little River give his take on the Paks. He says that Adam confessed to him that he was already married. Booth and Brennan find the actual murder scene, which is a live oak tree in another part of the reservation. They find a set of car keys and broken teeth there. Booth also notices that there is red driveway gravel, which is the same type that the victim had at his house. Maybe the real Mrs. Pak has something to hide?

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And the Killer Is...

A piece of metal alloy is found in Adam Pak's bone, and it traces to a vintage car that is driven by the elderly couple, the Schumachers. It turns out that the elderly couple visit marriage retreats to steal the keys from other couples and break into their homes. Evelyn smacked Pak with a billiard ball in a stocking while Pak was assaulting her husband. Thinking that he was dead, the couple put him in their van and hit him with their vehicle when he tried to run away.

Finally, Angela helps Cam with the paperwork for her case after all of Cam's assets are frozen. Aristoo also comforts her. Sweets decides to take a leave of absence. Booth and Brennan try some connection exercises by pressing their hands palm to palm in their bedroom, which leads to sexy time.

Bones airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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