'Bones' on Twitter: David Boreanaz, Hart Hanson and More
'Bones' on Twitter: David Boreanaz, Hart Hanson and More
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Are you one of those tech-savvy types who doesn't like to wait for websites or magazines to get your Bones news? Or has your Twitter feed been feeling kind of Bones-free lately? If so, then you are in luck, because Bones is very, very well-covered on Twitter these days.

The big Bones news in this week's Twitterverse is the arrival of one David Boreanaz. His account, @David_Boreanaz, has only been active since April 5, but he has already delighted followers with pictures of Bones props, socks and his own lovely self.

If you are more interested in a Twitter veteran whose 140-character missives tend more toward the informative and entertaining, Bones creator and executive producer, Hart Hanson, deserves a follow. He is conveniently found under the Twitter handle of @HartHanson and posts frequently. I mean really frequently. We're talking several times per day.

In addition to random feuds with rival showrunners and occasional vacation plans, Hanson's Twitter feed is a great source for show information and Bones-related news pieces. Hart Hanson has also been known to retweet BuddyTV articles, if that's a draw for you.

David Boreanaz and Hart Hanson are definitely not all there is when it comes to Bones Twitter. With that in mind, here is a short list of Bones-related tweeters.

Bones Cast:
@TJThyne (TJ Thyne): The guy who plays Hodgins uses Twitter like most of us mere mortals -- to talk about funny, random and/or important events in his life. It's just that his life is more Bones-heavy than ours.

@JohnFDaley (John Francis Daley): Alas, Bones' Dr. Sweets only seems to have tweeted on one day: Jan. 7, 2010. Then he stopped. But you never know if he'll start it up again...

@pejvahdat (Pej Vahdat): Squintern Arastoo Vaziri is a fairly prolific tweeter in "real" life. His feed is a good way to keep track of the actor's Bones appearances. Plus, he replies a lot.

@Vududaddy (Eugene Byrd): He tweets like a normal person! Granted, like a normal person who has the time to send multiple Twitter messages each day. But still.

@joeldavidmoore (Joel David Moore): The most depressed of the squinterns is actually quite entertaining (and busy) on Twitter.

@RyanCartwright (Ryan Cartwright): It's not just trivia from TV's Mr. Nigel-Murray.

@TheTyPanitz (Ty Panitz): The kid who plays Parker is pretty busy on Twitter. And apparently he's Babe Ruth's great-great-great grandson.

Other Bones People:
@KathyReichs (Kathy Reichs): The author of the books on which Bones is based (and a producer of the series), Reichs tweets regularly about life, books and the show.

@squarechicken (Stephen Nathan): He's not quite as prolific or informative as Hart Hanson, but it's nice to have another executive producer source on Twitter. Plus, excellent homepage background!

A Couple More Bones Twitter Accounts:
@BONESonFOX: The official Bones account for the Fox network is a great source for scheduling and show info.

@BTV_Bones: If you never, ever want to miss a BuddyTV article or slideshow about Bones ever again, this is the Twitter feed for you. Seriously, all Bones, all the time.

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