'Bones' Interview: Emily Deschanel Talks Brennan and Booth's Rocky Future in Season 10
'Bones' Interview: Emily Deschanel Talks Brennan and Booth's Rocky Future in Season 10
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
After a crazy cliffhanger ending, we had a lot of Bones questions for star Emily Deschanel. What does Booth's arrest mean for our favorite crime fighting couple? How will this storyline shake up the show? And how will Brennan deal with the strain of seeing her husband behind bars?

The tenth season of Bones will pick up with the crew trying their best to find a way to get Booth out of the slammer. It sounds like it will be challenge, but thankfully Brennan and company are always up for solving a good mystery. 

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BuddyTV had a chance to grill the star of the show at San Diego Comic Con 2014 about what's next for Temperance "Bones" Brennan, and what that cliffhanger means for our favorite couple.

Check out the full video interview with Emily Deschanel, plus highlights below: 

Interview Highlights:

  • Brennan's evolution happened over a long period of time. They talked about it a lot over the years. "When you really love somebody, they change you. I think she's mostly changed by her love for Booth and his love for her, and I think that's a beautiful thing."
  • It's interesting to play a character who changes over time, especially on a show on the air for 10 years.
  • There's a whole different dynamic when they come back for season 10. They're all going through a really hard time right now. Brennan is trying to clear Booth's name, and the team is working hard to do that.
  • Booth isn't happy about the way Brennan is doing things to help him. "It's not necessarily going to be flowers when he arrives back."
  • Her friends are supporting her by trying to clear Booth's name and solve the conspiracy. In the premiere, they exhume a body that they believe has something to do with the conspiracy. 
  • Whenever something overwhelming happens to Brennan, she goes straight to her work. 
  • She thought the conspiracy storyline was really interesting. They've had serial killers before that have carried through several episodes, but Deschanel thinks it's nice to have a foil in several episodes who isn't a serial killer.
  • One of Deschanel's favorite things about the show is how the show balances the drama with the comedy. Of course, it can be even more challenging when it's in the same scene. But it's also one of the things that gets her excited about the show. 
  • How have the events of the finale impacted Brennan? "She has to find a new home first of all, that's really big. And she does and it's beautiful."
  • It's a really stressful time for Brennan going into season 10. She's on her own with her child and her husband is in prison. Not only is he in prison, his life is in danger. "Nobody likes an FBI agent in prison, not even the guards." 
  • So Brennan is really concerned and it's really stressful. Sweets has helped out a lot since Booth has been in prison. But it's a hard time for everybody. 
  • Fans have made Emily Deschanel books that she still has. She keeps it all, from fanart to gifts. She said the show has amazing fans who are so lovely. 

What do you think? Are you excited for season 10? How do you think they'll solve the conspiracy and get Booth home? Share your theories in the comments!

Bones Season 10 premieres Thursday, September 25 at 8pm ET on FOX.

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