'Bones' Fan Columnist: To Love...Or Brain Chemistry
'Bones' Fan Columnist: To Love...Or Brain Chemistry
So don't hate me for saying this, but last night's episode, "The Dentist in the Ditch" was definitely not my favorite Bones episode by any means.  Compared to last week's episode, "The Proof in the Pudding" it just didn't compare, and I have to admit that I really was just not very fascinated by this case.  But hey, maybe that's just me.  What did you think of this episode?  Leave a comment below!   

Anyway, in this episode, a body is found in a ditch by two men during a Civil War reenactment.  When it is taken back to the lab, Dr. Brennan is able to deduce that it was not a Civil War casualty; however, she is frustrated because the bones are encased in clay, and there is no easy way to get them out to learn more about what happened to the murder victim without damaging them.  Yet, after some progress made by returning intern Mr. Nigel Murray, Dr. Brennan is able to identify certain occupational markers on the victim's body, leading her to believe that he was a dentist.  Wasn't Vincent hilarious in his attempt to be praised by Dr. Brennan? 

Booth later identifies the victim as Dan Pinard due to dental records, and he and Bones go to search his house.  There, they find a man named Lucas Pickford who was the contractor for Dan and was helping him do some major remodeling on his driveway.  Not seeing him as a major threat, Booth and Bones move on to question other suspects. 

One of these possible suspects is Grace Bryson.  Mrs. Bryson was Dan's former dental hygienist, and she claimed that he gave her Hepatitis C by nicking her with a syringe.  Booth, of course, doesn't believe this story, and he eventually gets Mrs. Bryson to confess that she was having an affair, leading him to believe that Mrs. Bryson's husband killed Dan, or that Grace killed Dan so that he wouldn't tell her husband.   

Back at the lab, Mr. Nigel Murray has a breakthrough.  He believes that rhubarb can help clean the bones and free them of the clay, and it turns out that he is right.  Now that Dr. Brennan can clearly examine the bones, she discovers the cause of death.  There is a nick on the victim's ankle, and she believes that whatever made that mark must have cut through the posterior tibial artery causing massive bleeding.  That just leaves Hodgins and Vincent to recover particulates in order to establish a murder weapon, and this is just what they do. 

Vincent and Hodgins announce that a particulate they found in the bone is one that is used to coat dental tools, leading Booth and Bones to suspect Grace Bryson of killing Dan.  Yet, when they arrive at her house, Brennan notices that the stones in her driveway are the same ones that were being used to remodel Dan's driveway, and Mrs. Bryson tells them that she and Dan had the same contractor, Lucas Pickford. 

Booth then deduces that Lucas was running a scam, reselling the stones that Dan had purchased to Grace.  Upon digging up the stones in the driveway, blood is found all over them, and Cam confirms that it is Dan's blood.  Booth and Bones then arrest Lucas and bring him in for questioning, and he admits to killing Dan with a grout scraper.   

Now, also in this episode is the return of Jared Booth from India.  Why does he seem so happy?  Well, he's fallen in love, of course!  He proceeds to tell Booth all about his new girlfriend Padme Dalaj, and he even mentions that he's thinking of proposing to her.  Booth is concerned about this given the fact that Jared and Padme have only known each other for a month, and, trying to be a good older brother, he runs a background check on Padme and discovers that she used to be an escort.  I get that he was trying to be a good brother and all, and I honestly can't say that I wouldn't have done the same thing.  What did you think of Booth's decision?   

When Booth tells Jared that Padme used to be an escort, he is furious, and he tells Booth to go to hell.  Later, Brennan also chastises Booth for seemingly abandoning his belief system.  She says that the reason she and her father are now so close is that Booth told her it didn't matter if he was an ex-convict.  Yet, she finds it interesting that he is so concerned with Padme's past when, according to his beliefs, it should not matter.  The only thing that should is if Jared is happy.  Mad props to Dr. Brennan.  She sure is learning a lot from Booth!   

Later, Booth and Bones meet Jared and Padme at the Founding Fathers Bar, and Booth tells Bones that he thought about what she said and feels bad about the way he acted; he hopes he didn't ruin his brother's relationship.  However, when Jared and Padme arrive, Jared tells Booth that he and Padme never had any secrets and that he knew about her past all along.  He then tells Booth that he has to decide if he wants to be a part of their lives, and Booth, of course, says he does.  Then, Brennan makes a celebratory toast to love, and all is well in the Bones world.  Good boy, Booth!   

-Nicole Bessette, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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