'Bones' Fan Columnist: Three's a Crowd
'Bones' Fan Columnist: Three's a Crowd
Nicole Bessette
Nicole Bessette
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OK, Bones fans, I have to admit that I wasn't really expecting a whole lot out of this week's episode, "The Sin in the Sisterhood," but, man, did it surprise me!  

In one of my favorite episodes of season 6 so far, we saw some incredible Booth and Brennan moments reminiscent of past seasons as well as Cam finally getting some action in regard to her love life.  

Oh, and another plus? No Hannah! Now, let's get recapping!

The Sister Wives

Yes, I, like most of you, find the same man being married to three women who are all sisters to be very strange, but according to Brennan, it makes perfect anthropological sense. Right ...

This week's victim, Ed Samuel, was found shot dead in a cornfield, and he certainly kept himself busy if you know what I mean. As a father of 11 children and the husband of three sisters, it's amazing Ed had any time to spare at all.  

What's more, Ed's first wife, Maryann, was filing for divorce, and he was even having an affair with a 22 year-old grad student. I mean, really, Ed?  

Guess that's why one of the sisters, Carol, was slowly poisoning him. Yes, you read that right. Having attended nursing school, Carol knew the effects of the radium salt she had stolen from the woman Ed was having an affair with, and she knew that having him unknowingly drink it would make him sick.  

However, Carol did not want to kill Ed; she just wanted to spend more time with him. Apparently, when Ed was sick, she was the one who would take care of him, and this would give her alone time with Ed without her sisters interfering. So, it looks like she's not the one who killed him.  

"Then who did?" you might be wondering. Well, allow me to tell you.  

Clearly upset and outraged by what his daughters had gotten themselves into and how they were living their lives, Dan Johnstone, Ed's father in law, tried to have a talk with Ed and set him straight on how he believed his daughters should be treated.  

However, when Ed wouldn't listen, Dan got even angrier, and he shot and killed him. But thanks to a particular digested pecan particulate found on Ed's body, the Squints were able to connect Dan to the murder, simply leaving Booth to gather a confession. "Weren't three wives enough?" Apparently not for Ed, Dan.  

The Workaholics Prioritize

For those of you who are not aware, this week's episode was largely about Cam and her love life, and I, for one, would just like to say that I loved it. I think Cam has always sort of been one of those underrated characters that we all would love to see more of, and this week's episode definitely did not disappoint.    

With the return of Dr. Paul Lidner, we got to see many different sides of Cam as she tried to assess the future of her relationship with him. Given that he hadn't kept a date in three weeks and that he chose to take on so many patients, poor Cam just wasn't sure how much he cared for her.  

But, in an effort not to disappoint, Paul showed up at the Jeffersonian to prove to Cam that he really does care about her and also to remind us of why we all really like him. In the most adorable and sincere way, Paul tells Cam that he's starting to realize that he cares more about her than his work and that he loves being with her.

Moreover, he says that she's brilliant and gorgeous and that he thinks about her all the time. Ladies, how sweet is that? But perhaps what really takes the cake is the fact that Paul confesses to Cam that he has told all of his patients that he will be in Thailand for his sister's wedding and therefore will not be around to help deliver their babies.  

So, this means more time for him and Cam to spend with each other and more time for us to revel in how cute they and their relationship are. Aren't you happy about that? I know I am.  Hooray for Cam!  

Welcome Back, Wendell

Continuing our slew of rotating squinterns, this week's episode featured the return of Wendell Bray to the Jeffersonian. Although he was certainly not as entertaining as Clark was, it was still nice to have him and his very personable disposition back.  

By the way, didn't you just love his response to Brennan asking him to get down on the ground? "Oh, one of these." Priceless.

The One You Love the Most

Hands down, my favorite part of this episode had to be the interaction between Brennan and Booth. No doubt about it, they were their old selves again, and I can't thank the writers enough for giving that back to us. Also, an absent Hannah who definitely allowed for this interaction didn't hurt either.

Didn't you guys just love when they were in the car together and were calling the victim all sorts of names like "nitwit," "bonehead," and "doofus?" Their laughter in and of itself had me jumping up and down just because you could so easily see the love these two have for each other in that scene.  

As we all know, Brennan is the only person who truly knows Booth, and she will always be the person he loves the most. This scene just further solidified this idea for me in that Booth and Bones have such an intimate understanding of each other that cannot be denied.  

So, even though Hannah is still around now, I think a part of all of us knows she won't be around forever, and so does Booth. Besides, the look he gave Brennan when he said that it's possible for somebody to love several people but still only love one person the most just proved this.  

Like he's said before, he's that guy; he knew, and he evidently still does. But unlike last season, Brennan has come a long way, and she has changed so much that now I firmly believe a relationship between the two of them can actually work.  

Of course, there's still the Hannah issue and the fact that we don't want Brennan to seem like a rebound for Booth, so I guess we'll just have to wait for the upcoming episodes to find out what's in store for our favorite should-be couple.

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Next Week's Episode

Alright, my friends, next week's episode, "The Daredevil in the Mold," is going to be a big one. Apart from Booth and Brennan investigating the murder of a BMX racer, we also have Sweets wanting to propose to Daisy and Booth considering proposing to Hannah.

Wait, that can't be possible though, right? Watch the promo below and decide for yourself, and, as always, comment away!  

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