'Bones' Fan Columnist: The Rat Pack: An Extraordinary Group of Rodents
'Bones' Fan Columnist: The Rat Pack: An Extraordinary Group of Rodents
Last night's episode of Bones, "The Predator in the Pool" was one of the funniest episodes I've seen in a long time.  I mean, Brennan thinking the Rat Pack is actually a group of rodents, Booth constantly backing up into things, and Hacker's general awkwardness?  Yes, good stuff. 

I just loved everything about this episode, right on down to the music.  I thought the case was very good, but, what's more, the character stuff in this episode was outstanding.  Props to the Bones writers for another great episode.  Here's to several more! 

Before I start analyzing the good stuff like the dates Booth and Brennan went on and that whole dynamic, let me give you a quick rundown on the murder.   

A dead tiger shark washes up on a beach with the undigested remains of a human in its stomach; specifically, a foot.  When taking a closer look at the remains, Brennan is able to identify other markings on the bone besides the teeth marks of a tiger shark.   

With the help of Dr. Catherine Bryar from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Booth's boss, Andrew Hacker, Brennan realizes that the only place the victim could have gotten all of these bite marks would be at an aquarium.  So, it's off to the aquarium for Booth and Bones. 

There, they find the rest of the remains from the victim and take them back to the lab for analysis.  Hodgins is able to deduce from coral that the murder took place sometime between midnight and 6 AM, and this just leaves Booth to check the list of people who were at the aquarium at that time to see who is missing in order to identify the victim.  

Turns out, a popular self-help guru named Jazz Gunn was scheduled to make an appearance there but never showed up.  Upon meeting with Sweets, Booth and Brennan learn that Jazz had a car accident in 1993 that left him unable to walk.  However, after swimming in the sea with sharks off the coast of Brazil and ultimately facing his fears, Jazz was miraculously healed, hence his "Sea of Life" seminars.  

Yet, after doing some digging and being provided with forensic evidence by Brennan, Booth learns the truth behind Jazz's miraculous recovery.  Swimming in the waters of Brazil with sharks did not cure him.  It was an experimental procedure done in a small town in Brazil.   

Looking back at their list of primary suspects, Booth learns that Grace Redmon, a fourth grade teacher who was at the aquarium the night Jazz was killed, also made a few trips to that same town in Brazil.  Coincidence?  No way.  

Booth brings Grace in for questioning, and she confesses to murdering Jazz Gunn.  She has fibromyalgia and listening to Jazz's seminars really inspired her to face her fears just like he did.  However, when she found out Jazz was lying all along, she got angry and killed him.   

Now, how did she do this you might ask?  Well, it was not so much her as it was a lionfish named Bob; he is the murder weapon.  You see, the lionfish has very poisonous spikes that can cause serious problems if they come in contact with human flesh.   

So, while Jazz was standing over the tank, looking down at Bob, and attempting to once again face his fears, Grace pushed his head down into the water where he was stung by these spikes.  Then, she dumped his body into the fish tank, and, that's all she wrote folks.   

And now we have arrived at my favorite part of the episode: Booth and Brennan interacting in the dating pool.  Booth is instantly attracted to Dr. Catherine Bryar and agrees to go out with her once the investigation is finished.  Brennan, on the other hand, agrees to go get coffee with Hacker.   

Both dates go very well, but you can still tell that the two are hiding some feelings way down deep.  However, I think this is very good for their relationship in that a little bit of jealousy is always good for the soul, right?  I mean, come on.  Did you see Brennan's face when Catherine was around or when Booth mentioned her?  Priceless.   

And then there was the moment where Booth and Brennan use each other as standards to compare their dates to.  Brennan says that Hacker is not as handsome as Booth, and Booth says that Brennan is the standard when it comes to how pretty Catherine is.  How sweet!   

Later, at the Founding Fathers, Booth and Brennan discuss their dates, and they both say that they are happy for one another.  Yes, I must admit that a part of me was happy for Booth especially given how crushed he looked after Brennan rejected him in the 100th episode, but I'm still 100% behind a Booth and Bones relationship.  Therefore, these two better come to their senses and fast.  I don't know how much more I can take.    

So, what did you think of this episode?  Wasn't it hilarious?  What do you think about Booth and Brennan seeing other people?  Leave a comment below! 

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-Nicole Bessette, BuddyTV Fan Columnist