'Bones' Fan Columnist: Santa Is the Bomb
'Bones' Fan Columnist: Santa Is the Bomb
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This week's Christmas episode of Bones,  "The Goop on the Girl," in a way, wasn't really what I was expecting given the promo. But I do think that there were several sweet moments in this episode.  I guess I just thought that there would be more Booth and Bones moments than there were, and, of course, I was really hoping we might even get to see a real kiss.  If you can't already tell, my friends, I will never be truly happy until I see those two together.   

But anyway, this episode starts out with a bang, and I mean that literally as a man dressed as Santa who attempts to rob a bank gets blown up.  Since Booth was only two blocks away while the robbery was in progress, he arrived to apprehend the suspect just as he was walking out of the door.  Unfortunately for Booth, however, this man had a bomb strapped to his chest, and it was detonated right after he said, "I just answered the call."  Rather odd statement, don't you think?   

Well, thanks to Hodgins, Booth and Bones learn that the bomb was command-initiated and was triggered via an electronic signal from a two-way radio set at 27.4 MHz.  When listening to the frequency, they hear a man talking about "answering the call," and they decide to follow the signal to its origin.  There, they arrest a man named Owen Thiel who broadcasts his negative views concerning the corrupt, American government and bring him in for questioning.  Since Owen was in the military and was no doubt provided with basic training about bombs, Booth suspects him of blowing up Santa.  Yet, Owen insists it's just a coincidence that the bomb was detonated from his frequency. 

Also, thanks to Daisy, who reconstructed the victim's skull based on the fragments found at the crime scene, Angela is able to apply clay to it in order to create the face of the bomber.  Once scanned and released to the media, a woman named Abby Chevaleer says the man in the picture is her son, Holden.  From Abby, Booth and Bones learn that Holden was an exterminator, and Brennan is satisfied as this is consistent with many substances used in the bomb.   

After discovering other essential pieces to the case such as the fact that Holden was actually locked into the bomb by a bike chain, Booth finally realizes what he meant when he said he just "answered the call."  Since he was an exterminator, he answered a service call and whoever he went to see captured him and forced him to rob the bank.  Just who's call did Horace answer then?  Why, that of the cab driver and Georgia Hartmeyer.  These two people were standing outside of the bank just as the bomb was detonated, and it turns out they were not as innocent as everyone initially believed them to be.  For instance, the frequency that set off the bomb came from the cab driver's car, and he and Georgia teamed up to make Horace rob the bank for them.   

In an act of unusual compassion from Dr. Brennan, she, Booth, and the rest of the Jeffersonian team attend Horace's funeral because they do not want his mother to be alone on Christmas.  So sweet!  Also, since Rebecca would have Parker for the holidays, Brennan invites Booth to spend Christmas with her. 

And now for some of my favorite parts of this episode.  First and foremost, Bones removing Booth's clothing.  Since he had a chunk of Santa on him, Bones needed to take his clothes to Hodgins to be analyzed.  But, of course, Booth cannot take his own clothes off because he would compromise the evidence if he touched them, so Brennan proceeds to take off his pants while he recites some saints.  I mean, you gotta love it! And I have to say that Sweets and Daisy were hilarious with their "IM talk."  They are just about the most awkward and quirky couple I have ever seen.  Also, Cam and Michelle had a sweet bonding moment as Cam told her if she went to Hawaii then Christmas just wouldn't be the same.   

This now brings me to our special guest star, Zooey Deschanel.  I have to admit, I thought her character was pretty weird, but it was so cool to finally see Emily and her on the same screen.  Oh, and thanks to her, we now know that Bones finds Booth "quite pleasing to look at."  Also, she finds him "pretty hard to resist," but, I mean, who doesn't right?  He's Seeley Joseph Booth for heaven's sake!  Oh, and I totally applaud her for using the fishing quote from Benjamin Franklin to try to get it through Brennan's head that she and Booth are totally meant to be.  Mad props right there! 

 So, I guess, all in all, it was a good Christmas for the Jeffersonian team and a good Christmas episode for us.  What did you think?  Leave a comment below! 

-Nicole Bessette, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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