'Bones' Fan Columnist: Punky Pong, Anyone?
'Bones' Fan Columnist: Punky Pong, Anyone?
Nicole Bessette, our Bones Fan Columnist, recaps "The Gamer in the Grease." If you're interested in becoming a Fan Columnist click here.

It sure has seemed like forever since there was a new Bones episode on- 14 days to be exact, but, I mean, who's counting?  So, like all of you, I was really excited to see this new episode, "The Gamer in the Grease," but I must admit that I was terribly disappointed by it.  The major reason why?  Well, no super cute Booth and Bones moments, of course.  

But, I guess I do have to give this episode some props.  It definitely gets my vote for the most disgusting body found yet.  Just how disgusting is it, you might ask?  Well, basically, a body is found in a tank of grease, and when Booth and Bones go to fish it out, the skin falls off and the internal organs fall out.  I mean, you could say that it has decomposed just a bit.  
When taken back to the lab, Bones discovers the victim was a mailman, and Booth is later able to identify him as Steve Rifton.  They then go to question his wife, and they find out that Steve was not only a mailman but was also the reigning world champion of a video game called Punky Pong.  It's kind of like a throwback to Pac Man and a cross between Pong and Donkey Kong.  It was created by Hart Hanson and the rest of the Bones crew, and, if you're interested, you can actually play it at Fox's website.  

After delving a little deeper, Booth learns that Steve had a perfectly clean record except for complaints from a man named Keith Seeger.  Apparently, he complained that Rifton was trespassing on his property and was acting creepy around his son, Dougie.  Mr. Seeger explains to Booth and Bones that Dougie is autistic, and the only thing he has in his life is Punky Pong.  If taken away, he practically shuts down.   

Although Booth and Bones suspect Billy Gabel, the reigning world champion of Punky Pong before Rifton, of killing Steve out of revenge, it is Hodgins who comes up with the crucial link to solving the murder.  Based on the particulates found on the body, Hodgins is able to discover that the murder weapon was a golf club that came from the Annapolis Valley Golf Course.  This just leaves Booth and Bones to check to see if any of their suspects golfed at Annapolis Valley.  

As it so happens, Mr. Seeger is a member of the Annapolis Valley Golf Course, and Booth and Bones identify him as Steve Rifton's murderer.  Turns out, he killed Steve because he took the credit for Dougie's perfect game in Punky Pong.  He filmed Dougie playing and then reproduced it for himself to make it look like he had played the perfect game.  Because all Dougie has in his life is Punky Pong, Mr. Seeger just could not let Steve get away with it.  And, in the sweetest part of the episode, Booth and Bones return Dougie's Punky Pong game to him that had previously been confiscated as evidence.

Now on to the strangest part of this episode: Sweets and Tory Payne.  Sweets meets this girl while waiting in line to see the premiere of the new movie Avatar (Fisher has won two extra tickets and has decided to take Hodgins and Sweets), and he ends up getting a little frisky with her.  I mean, yes, he was able to control himself before he did anything really awful, but still, if I were Daisy I would be furious.  Bad Sweets!  However, in the end, thanks to Hodgins, Sweets realizes that what he has with Daisy is more important than how many women he was "pitched his tent" with.  

Another great part of this episode: Hodgins with his shirt off.  Who knew he was so muscular!  I guess the lab coat must have been hiding those guns.  Unfortunately for Hodgins, though, his secret is out.  Angela discovers his tattoo, and even though she knows her dad did it to him, she doesn't seem all that thrilled.  I wonder how that's going to play out.  Any guesses?  Leave a comment below!   

So, although I was not that impressed with this week's episode, I totally cannot wait for next week's.  Did you see that promo?  Epic, my friends.  Epic. As of now, we have six days left until this magical Christmas episode.  Good luck with the wait.  I know you can do it.

-Nicole Bessette, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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