'Bones' Fan Columnist: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stanley Hodgins
'Bones' Fan Columnist: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stanley Hodgins
It finally happened!  On last week's episode of Bones, "The Witch in the Wardrobe," Angela and Hodgins tied the knot in jail of all places.  A little different from the pretty church we saw in the Season 2 finale, but, hey, we'll take it, right?  Besides, it totally seemed to fit them.    

I'm pretty sure I speak for all of us when I say that it's about time.  These two got so close to their happy ending at the end of Season 2 and then on into Season 3, but things just never seemed to work out for them. 

But, alas.  We no longer have to worry.  Angela and Hodgins will be together forever, and, I'm pretty confident that this is the reason Billy Gibbons reprises his role as Angela's father in the season finale which by the way is in 9 days.  I'm totally freaking out! 

Don't want to take my word for it though?  Let's hear from Michaela Conlin, Angela herself, then. 

In an interview with Korbi TV on Zap2It, Conlin said that one person who won't be happy with her marriage to Hodgins is her father, guest start Billy Gibbons, and, apparently, Hodgins will have to jump through some pretty crazy hoops to win his approval.   

Specifically, she said, "He puts Hodgins to a big test, actually.  And we'll see if Hodgins passes or not. It's a pretty grueling test."  

I guess on the plus side, he no longer has to worry about that "Angie Forever" tattoo on his arm.   

So, all in all, it's safe to say that for now, everything is as it should be ... for Hodgela that is.   

But what about Sweets and Daisy?  Or Jared and Padme?  Does this mean that they won't have a similar happy ending in the future?   

It was revealed by several members of the cast during all the promotion for the 100th episode that there would be a wedding before the season ended, and since Sweets proposed to Daisy, we all assumed it would be them.  But now that we know it was Angela and Hodgins, where does that leave everyone else?  

Well, I'm not exactly sure.  As of right now, there is no news of Brendan Fehr returning to play Booth's brother anytime soon, so I guess that makes his future relationship status unclear.  

As for Sweets and Daisy, well, that's a different story.  John Francis Daley, better known as Sweets, is a series regular so there are no worries there, and it's been confirmed that Carla Gallo who plays Daisy Wick will be in the season finale as well.   

What exactly is going to happen between them in that season finale is what remains unclear.  But, while talking to Zap2It, Carla Gallo said, "[Booth and Brennan] have a whole 'What do we mean [to each other]? What are we doing?' [decision to make].  And [Daisy and Sweets] have sort of the same thing [in their own relationship]."  

So, the Booth and Brennan decision-making was kind of already a given, but I don't exactly know how to feel about Sweets and Daisy reevaluating their relationship.  In my opinion, they are meant for each other so that reassures me, but could this also mean that there could be a negative outcome of this reevaluation?   

What do you guys think?  Leave a comment below!  

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-Nicole Bessette, BuddyTV Fan Columnist