'Bones' Fan Columnist: Morticia, the Creepy Girl
'Bones' Fan Columnist: Morticia, the Creepy Girl
Last night's episode of Bones, "The Death of the Queen Bee," centered on a murder at Brennan's old high school, Burtonsville High, prompting her to return to the place that gave her so many unpleasant memories and reunite with all of the people she tried so desperately to forget.  

Although I'm still completely hung up on that pivotal 100th episode from last week, I do have to say that this was still a very good episode. The music was great, and I really don't think anyone can play creepy better than Robert Englund. I mean, it's Freddy Kruger himself ladies and gentlemen. Someone needs to give that guy a pat on the back because he creeped me out the entire episode. 

Speaking of the 100th  episode, I was wondering at the start of this episode what the relationship between Booth and Brennan was going to be like.  Was it going to be awkward?  Would they talk about what happened? Why, yes, in fact, they kind of did.     

Sweets first brings it up to Booth when asking him via webcam if he and Brennan, away from D.C. and the Jeffersonian in Illinois, are in the same motel and if that would be an issue for him given his feelings for Brennan. Booth proceeds to tell Sweets that he is fine and assures him that he has moved on. He even has a date set up for next week.  

Then, Booth himself mentions what happened when Brennan asks him to slow dance at her reunion. He says he doesn't want either of them getting the wrong idea and that it would be best if they kept some distance between them while they danced. However, Booth finally relents in order to give Brennan the prom she never had. So cute!   

But, before I get too far ahead of myself, let me give you the run down on this episode.  Two girls experimenting Katy Perry style in a barn encounter human remains, and, of course, Booth and Bones are called to investigate in the town where Brennan grew up.   

When examining the remains, Brennan notices that the ribs have been removed.  This immediately interests her in that one of her classmates, Sarah Tidwyler, was murdered this very same way back in 1994.  The murderer was never caught, and, according to the legend, the Butcher of Burtonsville is back!   

Booth therefore encourages Brennan to attend her high school reunion in order to dig up some information on her old classmates, but also to flaunt her fame and success in their faces as a sort of payback to all those who used to think she was very weird.   

Back at the lab, with the help of returning intern Wendell Bray, the remains are identified as Evelyn Simms.  Booth and Brennan begin to suspect Brad Benson, the golden boy back when Brennan was in high school, as he has a connection to both women: he was married to Evelyn and dated Sarah back in high school.  Going undercover as a married couple, Booth and Bones proceed to do some digging.  

Equipped with information from the lab that they believe the fatal blow to Evelyn was delivered by a saw with small teeth and the capacity to cut through metal, Booth and Brennan get to work looking for the possible murder weapon.  Booth immediately expects to find this weapon in the hands of Mr. Buxley, the janitor, given his collection of blades and his general creepiness, but Brennan, instantly dismissing this, comes to a more important realization.  

She realizes that the metal stars that hang from the ceiling during the dance at the reunion, which were created as decorations by a woman named Julie Coyle, have what looks to be close to the same angle as the murder weapon and appear sharp enough to have punctured Evelyn's plural cavity, causing her to bleed into her lung and die. Turns out, Brennan is right.  Not surprising, of course. 

Evelyn was pushed during an altercation with Julie, falling backwards onto the stars as they were drying which killed her and broke her ribs. Julie confesses that she and Evelyn killed Sarah back in high school so that they could get her out of the way and each share Brad.  Yet, Evelyn didn't exactly hold up her end of the deal, and Julie, wanting Brad for herself, killed her. Can you say crazy?  

Now, there were a few really cute and important moments in this episode. The first would have to be the fact that Angela broke up with Wendell. Hodgins accidentally spilled the beans about Angela's short-lived pregnancy scare, and this left Angela no choice but to tell Wendell about what had happened.   

It's not that Wendell wouldn't have wanted anything to do with the baby; he just seemed compelled to act out of an obligatory sense to do the right thing. This was different from Hodgins' response in that he told Angela he was her guy. Thus, she ended things. I don't know about you all, but I think it's pretty clear that we are going to see a Hodgela reunion very soon.  

Also, a very cute moment in this episode came when Booth and Brennan shared a slow dance at her high school reunion. Not only was the awkward dancing of Brennan before this just great, but also, this dance was another example of no matter how hard the two try to stay apart and find other people, everyone knows they are meant to be together.   

Finally, Brennan's toast at the end of the episode to all of her "real friends" is very sweet.  She confesses that she is glad to have gone to her high school reunion because it made her realize how lucky she is to have friends like Booth and the rest of the Squints today. I am constantly amazed by how far she has come as a character over the past few years. Aren't you? 

What did you think of this episode? (Watch it again here) How did it compare to the 100th?  Did you like it?  Leave a comment below! 

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-Nicole Bessette, BuddyTV Fan Columnist