'Bones': All the Reasons Booth and Brennan Have Always Been Meant for Each Other
'Bones': All the Reasons Booth and Brennan Have Always Been Meant for Each Other
Char  Little
Char Little
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It seems like there is just not enough time to enjoy Temperance "Bones" Brennan and Seeley Booth's relationship on Bones. They spent much of the series trying to avoid being together and now that they actually tied the knot a few seasons ago, the show is getting ready to say its final farewells after the current 12th season. While there is speculation the show could go on for another round, I have to take a moment to enjoy the good times we did get to see with Brennan and Booth. They serve as proof that the two are absolutely perfect for one another and have been from the beginning.

He's Always Side-Eyed Other Guys

No other guy really stood a chance with Brennan after she and Booth met. And Booth had more than a handful of jealous moments before they even realized they were in love with each other. We see it as early as the first half of the pilot season. They are traveling for a case in an episode called "Man in the Bear" that involves a hand found in a stomach. Brennan is definitely the object of many men's affection -- they can't keep their eyes off of her. Interestingly enough, he can't keep his eyes off them. This was one of the first signs that something was brewing between the future husband and wife.

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Even the Psychiatrist Said So

Booth is determined not to admit, even to himself, the feelings he has for Brennan. In his defense, she often did the same even though they ended up in unusual moments. But when he goes to see a psychiatrist, Gordon Gordon, in season 2 episode 13, even the professional said that Booth needs to explore his feelings for Brennan. If an expert is saying it, he is clearly on to something. And it's safe to say he was right.

He Goes the Distance to Make Brennan Happy

Making a cross-country trip was nothing for Booth after Brennan's forensic BFF Angela lost her love interest in New Mexico. Brennan did Angela a favor and flew to get her hand on the bones. So how does Booth end up there? Well, it was too much for Brennan to handle so she called him to bring his FBI expertise. And he's right there.

They Have Been Through the Worst of Times

From Brennan's borderline stalker Christopher Pelant falsely accusing her of killing someone, to making her the target of a manhunt for months, to even forcing her to say no to Booth's proposal, Brennan and Booth have literally been through it all. And that's not even including his brief gambling addiction. Still, that only touches the surface of what they've been through. And the fact that they've made it through that proves they are strong enough to withstand anything that comes their way.

Brennan's Aha Moment

Just like the psychiatrist had to help Booth come to terms with his feelings for Brennan, she had to come to the same conclusion herself, and there's no question that she did in the episode called "The Doctor in the Photo" from season 6. Brennan worked on a case that hit way too close to home for her comfort. She had a moment of reflection and didn't want to go another day with having regrets. So she hinted to Booth that she had feelings for him. Unfortunately, he reminded her that he was dating Hannah. Ugh. At least that didn't last long.

That Time They Kissed

Brennan and Booth's lip lock was everything! It happened at the end of season 5 but we also discovered that they had the intimate moment before the show even began. Of course it was all ruined when Brennan told Booth that she didn't want to ruin their friendship and blah, blah, blah. Thankfully that didn't last because they're clearly perfect for each other!

No Girl Stood a Chance Against Brennan

After the previous point, I can't go too much further without reminding viewers that no girl, not even Hannah, stood a chance against Booth. No offense to Hannah, but she was clearly a rebound so that Booth could try to get over Brennan. Still, Booth obviously had feelings for her when he popped the question and was hurt after she shut him down. Another previous girlfriend, Camille, learned the hard way that Booth was Team Brennan when she asked what Booth would do if she fired Brennan. To be fair, no guy stood a chance against Booth either. Remember the episode when Brennan ditched her boyfriend (on a boat named after her) for Booth? Yeah, nothing says love like that.

He Dreamed About a Married Life with Brennan

Booth's subconscious definitely snuck in when he was recovering from a brain tumor in season 4. It looks like he also wanted to be a club owner because that was another portion of his dream. Little did he know the married part of the fantasy would be coming true five seasons later.

When They Actually Got Married

What else says "We're meant to be" more than actually saying "I Do" to the love of your life? That held true for Brennan and Booth when they tied the knot in an extremely anticipated episode in season 9 called "The Woman In White." It was the most beautiful scene ever ... but they could have gone to the courthouse and I still would've been using one Kleenex after another.

She Had His Babies

Brennan and Booth's first child, Christine, was already an amazing moment. But when Brennan and Booth found out they would be having another child, that was just a moment to prove that they are a match made in heaven. I'm almost happy that they have gotten so far in their relationship that there's no turning back and things could actually end on a happy note for them when the show ends.

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What are your favorite Booth and Brennan moments? Do you think Booth and Brennan are meant to be? How did you feel when they got married?

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