7 Reasons to Watch the 'Bones' Season 7 Premiere
7 Reasons to Watch the 'Bones' Season 7 Premiere
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
If you have ever watched and liked the show, you should watch the Bones season 7 premiere. If you can't wait to see those crazy kids finally together, you should watch the Bones season 7 premiere. If you think a show cannot possibly stay good when its stars finally get together, you should watch the Bones season 7 premiere.

Whatever your reason, you won't be disappointed. However, you might want something a little more specific than that. If so, here are seven reasons to watch the premiere of Bones this Thursday.

Reason 1: Love Is All Around
Yes, the relationship between Brennan and Booth is happening. These two are not just professional and friendly partners anymore. The promising hints dropped at the end of season 6 have been realized.

And it's a lot of fun.

Reason 2: There Aren't Enough Rotting Corpses on TV
Bones makes up for this. In the premiere episode alone, look for rotting flesh, melting eyeballs and beetles scurrying out of a brain.

Reason 3: Wendell Bray
Not all squinterns are created equal. That's a sad fact of Bones. Fortunately the season 7 premiere features Wendell, always one of the best of Brennan's assistants.

Reason 4: Babies!
In addition to the baby set to arrive from Brennan's pregnancy, there's also Angela and Hodgins' wee bundle of joy. We get a glimpse of the now 5-month-old Michael in season 7 premiere. That kid (and his mischievous parents) is awfully cute.

Reason 5: Lots of Kissing
Remember when 'shippers had only a few scattered moments of Brennan-Booth kissing to tide them over? Those days are past.

Reason 6: A Different Side of Brennan
It's not just the pregnancy.

The softening of Temperance Brennan -- in full force since season 6's "The Doctor in the Photo" -- has led to a woman far more willing to express emotions. She's still not good at it, of course, but Brennan does give emotional growth a try in season 7.

The crying, however, is definitely a result of the pregnancy hormones.

Reason 7: Nothing -- and Everything -- Changes
The central dynamic of Bones has changed irreversibly in season 7, now that Booth and Brennan are together. Except that, somehow, nothing has changed. These two mismatched people keep on disagreeing, bickering and desperately trying to figure the other out.

The change is that now, at the end of an argument, the significant glances are followed by hugs and kisses and grins. We still get the joys of the journey. Only we also get the pleasure of finally seeing the desired outcome.

There are also still murders. We can always count on gross, disgusting murders from Bones.

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The Bones season 7 premiere, "The Memories in the Shallow Grave," will air on Thursday, November 3 at 9pm on FOX.

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