'Body of Proof'
'Body of Proof'
Another medical drama is in store for ABC, as actress Dana Delany takes on the role of the brilliant Dr. Megan Hunt. On Body of Proof, she experiences quite a tragedy that drags her down from the top of her career to the devastating lows.

A victim of a car accident, Dr. Hunt must now use her skills as a neurosurgeon to turn her life around. She can no longer perform the operations she used to, but she still has a chance to stay in the game. She's been given the position of medical examiner, probing into the lives of her patients via clues left behind on their bodies.

Dr. Hunt has always been driven to get to the bottom of each case, and with her sharp instincts it's easy to navigate and find a solution. She's consulted for the most difficult of tasks and she's always ready with an answer.

But there are certain people who keep her at bay, especially when she starts breaking rules. Her job is on the line now, and even the authorities are out to get her. Still, she finds a way to pull through.

While her professional life is quick to manage, her family is another matter. Her ambition has always gotten the best of her, neglecting those she loves. Her relationship with her daughter isn't as stellar as she'd like it to be, and she'd much rather care for the dead than the living.

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Joining Dana Delany on Body of Proof are Jeri Ryan, John Carroll Lynch, Nichoas Bishop, Geoffrey Arend, and Wendell Middlebrooks. Nic Bishop and Sonja Sohn also star. The pilot was written by Chris Murphey, directed by Nelson McCormick, and with Sunil Nayar of CSI:Miami as the executive producer, along with Murphey and Matt Gross.

Don't miss Body of Proof this fall, airing Fridays at 9pm on ABC.

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