'The Voice' Recap: Quien Es La Voz?
'The Voice' Recap: Quien Es La Voz?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Esta es La Voz! No, you didn't accidentally switch to the Spanish language version of BuddyTV, but since the second night of blind auditions for season 3 featured the first person to sing entirely en Espanol, I thought I'd dust off what I remember from my high school Spanish class. Unfortunately, no one on The Voice is going to la biblioteca or eating pescado, so I'm done.

Aside from a very energetic Spanish performance of "La Bamba," this episode also features a girl who was held hostage at gunpoint, a kid who almost died from a heart disease and some guy who had his jaw broken. And all of them make it onto a team (but not Adam Levine's team, because he doesn't get anyone tonight).

Adrianna Louise ("Domino" by Jessie J.)

I've seen lots and lots of reality singing competition auditions, so it takes a lot to shock me. But Adrianna did just that because when she was 9 her entire family was held hostage at gunpoint by a group of thieves. Luckily everyone was safe, but wow, that takes the cake for craziest tragic story. She's exactly what you might expect from an attractive female singer with a big range.

Coaches: All four coaches turn around. Adam and Cee Lo went first, probably because they sensed she was a sexy lady. But she's very similar to Christina Aguilera, who really, really wants her. She joins Team Christina. Oh Xtina, you've started out with three women on your team on a show with two male winners. This is not a winning strategy.

Casey Muessiggman ("Sweet Home, Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd)

He's a big cowboy who was a collegiate wrestler. And his last name sounds like "Music Man." He's likeable, in a goofy kind of way that reminds me of Ricky and Bubba from Storage Wars: Texas. His voice sounds much higher than I expected, like it's the voice of a skinnier man.

Coaches: Blake and Cee Lo turn around. Blake loved his ass-slapping. He joins Team Blake. Of course he does.

Aquile ("Your Song" by Elton John)

He's biracial and had his jaw broken five years ago. His voice is silky smooth and very soft and beautiful.

Coaches: Adam, Cee Lo and Christina turn around. Christina "jokingly" wants a private concert. Keep it in your pants, Xtina. He joins Team Christina.

Ryan Fogarty ("Tomorrow" by Chris Young)

He's LeAnn Rimes' roadie and she learned he was a singer at a karaoke bar. Sadly, he's a total karaoke singer and should stick to stocking her tour bus with water.

Coaches: No on turns around. They're as polite as they can be while turning him down. It really wasn't that good, but the coaches on this show make a point of NEVER being mean. That fact is proven when we quickly see three more failures who are TERRIBLE, but who the coaches treat nicely. Luckily tomorrow we can choose between the niceness of The Voice or the harsh reality of Simon Cowell on The X Factor.

Mackenzie Bourg ("Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People)

He had a very serious heart disease that nearly killed him, but I'm a bit distracted by how much he looks and sounds like Artie from Glee only with a bird's nest, Harry Styles from One Direction haircut. He has a very hipster-chic kind of voice that I actually love.

Coaches: Cee Lo is the only coach who turns around. Christina didn't think it went anywhere, and I get that, but I still love the tone of his voice. Mackenzie earns my undying love when Xtina compares him to Justin Bieber and he is NOT happy at all. He joins Team Cee Lo.

Julio Cesar Castillo ("La Bamba" by Ritchie Valens)

He loves Mariachi music and is the first contestant to sing entirely in Spanish. It's fun and lively, but a bit nasally.

Coaches: Blake and Cee Lo turn around. Everyone has fun with it, but Blake turns around almost immediately. He joins Team Blake.

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