'The Glee Project' Recap: Slushies Kill Love
'The Glee Project' Recap: Slushies Kill Love
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Bring on the slushies! That was the cry from The Glee Project contestants upon learning they'd be pelted with the colorful crystalline liquid while wearing bathing suits in this week's music video. But it turns out the contestants weren't the only ones getting hit. Love also got slushied in the face as the ultimate Glee Project showmance is destroyed this week. Luckily it's not the fauxmance Nellie and Blake's characters seem to be having in the music videos, which continues to be the hottest and steamiest part of this whole show.

Homework Assignment: "Now That We Found Love" by Heavy D and the Boyz

Much like Will Schuester, Glee Project contestants should never be allowed to rap. The performance is absolutely ridiculous, and starts with Charlie slapping everyone's butts. Charlie really goes for it, which I guess is good, especially compared to Nellie, who forgets the lyrics and goes back into her shell. Blake totally owns the humor, as does Lily, who wins. Aylin has major sour grapes, but Lily really deserved it.

Of course I'd be angry too if I didn't get a one-on-one with Jane Lynch, because she's easily the best and most experienced performer on Glee. If there's one person whose advice I'd actually take, it's her. And she offers some helpful acting tips to Lily about knowing her character, and then throwing it out the window during the actual performance.

Music Video: "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" / "One Way or Another" by Pat Benatar and Blondie

Choreography: Once again there is no choreography since it's all bathing suits and slushies, which means no Zach Woodlee. Even worse, we don't actually get to see the wardrobe fittings, though Charlie does explain that his skintight lycra suit does a nice job of putting his package on display.

And later we see that the whole group prepped by stripping down to their undies and playing basketball, and Blake describes the weird and wild Charlie as a "naked lumberjack." That sounds about right.

Vocals: Michael is back to his bad, overthinking ways, and Charlie is back to his "I'd rather flirt with Aylin than focus on the competition" attitude. It turns out their "Let's be friends" thing didn't work, because Charlie and Aylin are full-on kissing in this week's episode. He also tells her not to be sad if he gets eliminated, which is such obvious foreshadowing I'm surprised it wasn't accompanied by a thunder clap and organ music.

Video Shoot: Bring on the swimsuits and slushies! The video is full of half-naked people, which I'm totally fine with. Sadly, Nellie still hates her body and doesn't like being "the sexy one." Sorry girl, but you need to get over your issues, because the truth is that Nellie is smoking hot and incredibly seductive, she just doesn't know it.

The contestants were all excited about getting slushied when they first found out about it, and based on what we see, most of them seem totally fine with it. The only real exception is Ali, but she has to get slushied while holding herself up out of her wheelchair, so she deserves a lot of credit. But there are no other freakouts or complaints about the cold and painful slushies.

Lily kills it thanks to Jane Lynch's acting advice. As for negatives, Charlie seems lost during the acting portion and despite Aylin laughs whenever she gets nervous.

The Bottom 3

Charlie keeps making bad acting choices, Aylin lacks focus, and Nellie and Michael are both good, but they take too long to get there. Michael gets called back anyway, probably because he looked the best in lycra.

Aylin - "Take a Bow" by Rihanna: I don't envy Aylin, because this was one of the very first big Rachel Berry songs from Glee and between Lea Michele and Rihanna, Aylin has no chance of equaling those versions. In fact it's one of her weaker performances. Ryan Murphy finds faults, but calls her a "game changer." We get it, you like that she's a sexy Muslim.

Charlie - "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones: Wow, this is yet another totally outside-the-box performance that borders on genius. He literally runs into the audience, sits next to Nikki Anders and then makes up his own lyrics, such as: "It's not unusual to say I could be on Glee / Although it's been four weeks now in the bottom three / But Ryan Murphy, oh I know that you'll agree." If Andy Kaufman were a 22-year-old kid, he would be Charlie.

Nellie - "If I Were a Boy" by Beyonce: This girl just reached into my chest and touched my soul with this performance. It was brilliant and moving and I can see her on Glee right now. But Ryan Murphy hits the nail on the head: "What the hell is the problem with this girl, does she not know she's a star?" The judges are starting to get tired of needing to tell her how amazing she is.

Who's Going Home?

Charlie is eliminated! It's super sad as he kisses Aylin passionately like a soldier going off to war, but it was his fourth time in a row in the bottom, so I'd hardly surprised. On the bright side, he even manages to make "Keep Holding On" his own by rearranging the melodies. This kid is going to be something special, I just have no idea what that is. And I guess my idea for who he'd play on Glee won't come true too.

Next week on The Glee Project: Grant Gustin (Sebastian) arrives for "Theatricality" week as the contestants dress up as famous musicians in the video. And we find out how androgynous Abraham considers himself, which seems like a kind of inappropriate question for Nikki to ask.

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