ABC Family Plays 'The Lying Game' This August
ABC Family Plays 'The Lying Game' This August
While that Disney film Parent Trap was a light-hearted family comedy about twins being separated at birth, there's much more going on in ABC Family's new series The Lying Game. There's more mystery, intrigue and teen drama. Plus, it's based on Sara Shepard's novels of the same name. 

The one-hour series, from the creator of Pretty Little Liars, follows the kind-hearted Emma Becker (Alexandra Chando), who has lived in foster care all her life. It all changes when she discovers the existence of her sister, Sutton. She, on the other hand, was adopted by a wealthy family and has been living the good life ever since.

Their paths cross when Emma finds out that they are identical twins who have been separated at birth, so she sets up a meeting with Sutton. Soon they trade lives. One of them is riding fast cars with boys while the other is stuck in a normal family situation.

Everything goes well until Sutton fails to return to their meeting place. Now, Emma has no other choice but to dig deep for the truth. Secret after secret will unfold as she tries to reveal the whereabouts of her sister and their birth mother, all while risking her own safety and identity.

Also starring on The Lying Game are Andy Buckley and Helen Slater as Sutton's adoptive parents, Blair Redford as Garrett, Sharon Pierre-Louis as Nisha; Kirsten Prout as Char; Alice Greczyn as Mads; and Allie Gonino as Laurel.

The series lists Charles Pratt, Jr. of Desperate Housewives fame as writer and executive producer. Joining him are The Vampire Diaries' Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo.

If the series has caught your attention so far, check out the trailer of The Lying Game below:

Don't forget to catch The Lying Game as it debuts on August 15 on ABC Family. For more information on the show, head over to its official site

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