'Black Lightning' Recap: Gambi's Secrets Finally Come Out
'Black Lightning' Recap: Gambi's Secrets Finally Come Out
Robin Lempel
Robin Lempel
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We've been waiting months to find out Gambi's secrets. And the truth finally comes out during this episode of Black Lightning, titled "The Book of Revelations." He worked for the ASA to find people with powers but claims he's always tried to protect Jefferson. Now the question is, can Jefferson still trust him?

This episode begins with Jefferson training Anissa while people on the news complain about Black Lightning and condemn him for killing Lady Eve, which we know he didn't do. Jefferson has to teach Anissa the difference between an actual threat and someone you just don't like or agree with. She has to be in control. But then Jefferson makes her an offer to help him clear Black Lightning and find who really killed Lady Eve.

LaLa Returns

A newly revived LaLa goes to see two of his old employees, who are practicing their music. They're obviously shocked to see him because there were rumors that LaLa was in jail or dead. Well, he was dead.

Later, LaLa talks to an invisible LaWanda, who says that she doesn't trust the guys driving him and that he should kill them. The two guys in the front of the car listening to this one-sided conversation are seriously freaked-out.

LaLa then continues his meltdown in the shower with LaWanda. He asks how he died, how he came back and why he came back. She tells him it's all going to be okay, and they start hooking up before she disappears in a puff of smoke and turns into a tattoo again. Then LaLa completely loses it. It's all so bizarre.

Whose Side Will Gambi Take?

Gambi meets some man named Martin in an empty parking lot, which is as sketchy as usual. Martin says that he regrets not killing Black Lightning when he came back. Now Lady Eve's dead and it's Black Lightning's fault. Gambi says Black Lightning could have been framed, but Martin says that Black Lightning is a danger to him, Gambi and the ASA. Gambi had promised to find out who Black Lightning was and had said he would take care of it, but he didn't, so Martin has taken a hit out on Black Lightning. It turns out that Black Lightning is part of some sort of experiment, so Gambi says that they could find out more about powers from him, but Martin doesn't like power he can't control.

And it turns out the ASA is the one putting Green Light on the street, which Martin calls "God's work." Lady Eve was their connection to The 100, which put the drug on the streets, so Martin's pissed because Black Lightning supposedly killed her and ruined their plans for Green Light. Literally none of this sounds good.

Gambi continuously acts conflicted and lashes out at Jefferson throughout "The Book of Revelations." Later, a woman named Mrs. Johnson goes to see a very troubled Gambi in a church. They talk about God and how Gambi helped her in some way.

Will the Pierces Learn Who Killed Lady Eve?

Jefferson and Lynn talk about Jenifer, who is being forced to do an unpaid internship at Lynn's lab because she quit track, then talk about Anissa's training. Jefferson reassures Lynn that Anissa's taking this seriously and is working hard. He's trying to convince Anissa that she's not invincible and that she needs to think about the consequences of her actions rather than just reacting based on her emotions.

Gambi then grudgingly helps Jefferson and Anissa do some snooping, but he warns Jefferson that there's a reward out for Black Lightning's capture, though he won't say who's offering the money. Jefferson then teaches Anissa how to use just enough force to bust through a wall to the morgue. As Jefferson continues to instruct Anissa on control and using brains over brawn, they find Lady Eve's body. They quickly realize that the burns on her body were caused by a weapon, which is proof that it wasn't Black Lightning. Gambi says that the weapon probably came from nuclear power and that they can track it.

Later, Gambi says that their investigation is a bad idea and that he should take over. But Jefferson and Anissa say they need to clear Black Lightning's name. So Gambi gets really emotional and storms out. When are they going to realize that there's something going on with him?

Jefferson and Anissa track the weapon to a location in the woods and go to check it out. They talk about Jefferson's marriage and his relationship with Gambi before they find a body and weapon in a shallow grave. Somebody killed Lady Eve's killer.

So Jefferson calls Henderson as Black Lightning to let him know about the body and weapon.

While they wait, though, Jefferson and Anissa notice someone sneaking around the woods. Jefferson thinks that a dirty cop overheard Henderson and sent the guy to the body. Jefferson tells Anissa to wait while he checks it out. But the guy turns the weapon on, and Anissa rushes over to save Jefferson right when it goes off and explodes. Well, there goes the evidence clearing Black Lightning's name.

Lynn's Investigation

Meanwhile, in the lab, Jennifer asks Lynn about what's happening with Jefferson and Anissa, but Lynn says everything's fine. Then Lynn notices that all these papers from Anissa's research are gone and sends Jennifer out.

Lynn goes to a lab looking for a sample she dropped off to have tested, but the woman says they had a break-in and her stuff was stolen.

Luckily, Lynn gets her hands on a copy she made of the sample and tests it herself. She finds out that the sample Anissa dropped off from her grandfather is a match with Green Light. So she calls Jefferson while he and Anissa are investigating in the woods. She tells him that the sample is a 30-year-old vaccine that has the same components as Green Light. They need to find out who made the vaccine, so Jefferson tells her to go to Gambi, which is a terrible idea.

So Lynn goes to see Gambi and tells him about the vaccine and the research on Alvin Pierce. Let's just say Gambi's not happy and tells her he can't talk about this. Suddenly, Lynn realizes that Gambi moved to Freeland right when the vaccine came out. He'd never talked about his life before then, so she knows something's up. "Jefferson trusts you," Lynn says. Gambi and Jefferson need to talk.

The Truth Comes Out

Jefferson comes home and goes on and on to Lynn about how great Anissa was in the woods. She saved his life. Lynn's not excited, though. She's very serious. She tells him to talk to Gambi and ask him the questions they've never asked, who he is and where he came from.

So Jefferson goes to see Gambi and finally gets the answers we've been waiting for. Gambi says he was just trying to protect him by keeping secrets from him. Now the only way to protect him is to tell him the truth. His real name is Peter Esposito. He came to Freeland as an agent for a government organization called the ASA. They conducted an experiment and gave a vaccine to keep people docile during a turbulent time, which is absolutely horrible.

The vaccine also created people with powers. Gambi's job was to find the people with powers, but he found out that the vaccine killed children, so he leaked the information. That led to Jefferson's father's investigation, which got him murdered. When Gambi found out that Alvin's kid had powers, Gambi knew he had to protect him. He denies creating Black Lightning or having anything to do with the experiment. Of course, he's been lying this whole time, so we have to take everything he says with a grain of salt.

Then Gambi says that Martin, the head of the ASA in the area, is looking for him. If Jefferson goes out as Black Lightning, Martin will find and kill him and Black Lightning and will find and kill Anissa. He has to stop being Black Lightning. Jefferson almost lets his powers out and tells him to stay away from him and his family.

Jennifer's Powers Come Out

Jennifer and Kiesha put up posters at the school, and Keisha climbs some big structure to put a poster up high on the wall. Jennifer tells her not to, but Kiesha doesn't listen and falls down. In all the excitement, Jennifer's powers flare up! She even breaks her phone. The next Pierce hero is coming!

Later, Jennifer tries to electrocute her phone again. At first, it doesn't work, but she gets it.

Jennifer finally tells Anissa what she did to her phone. That's right! It's a whole family affair now.

Do you think Jennifer will join the team? Will Martin come after her and Anissa? Will Jefferson ever be able to trust Gambi again? And is he telling the truth about having nothing to do with the experiments? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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