Michelle Ryan Hints at Romance for Her 'Bionic Woman'
Michelle Ryan Hints at Romance for Her 'Bionic Woman'
There may be romance in the offing for the modernized Jaime Sommers, aka, the Bionic Woman.  This, according to the young woman herself, who essays the role of the mechanically enhanced bartender on today's remake of the `70s cult classic.

Michelle Ryan, who plays the new Sommers on the Bionic Woman, told The National Ledger that her onscreen persona may soon get the chance to see a different, more pleasant kind of action than her usual fare of battling unscrupulous forces.

The 23-year old British star of the retooled Bionic Woman has indicated that her onscreen alter ego is due for some love and romance.

"It's definitely time," Ryan said.  “Everything she does is for others.  The time has come for her to think of herself and have some fun."

It's true.  Her Jaime Sommers does seem to have more than her share of responsibilities, from looking after her younger sister, to undertaking special missions as payment for her new life and in the process, taking on various incarnations of evil and misdeed along the way.  Well, according to Ryan, last week's episode may have signaled the beginning of rosier and more exciting days ahead.

Ryan is referring to the introduction of Tom, played by Beau Bridges' son, Jordan, who was introduced on Bionic Woman last week.

"He's going to be doing three episodes - at least,” Ryan mentioned, adding that the two of them have “a nice chemistry.  I think it will be a good addition to the show."

There are only a few more Bionic Woman episodes still waiting to be shot before the series takes its seasonal break.  Despite slipping ratings, show star Ryan is confident that they are still in the thick of the fight, especially with the network's plans for the coming year.

"NBC will be giving the series a big second launch in January," the Bionic Woman promised.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The National Ledger
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