Bionic Woman: BuddyTV Fall 2007 Preview
Bionic Woman: BuddyTV Fall 2007 Preview
Premiere Date and Time: Wednesday, September 26, 9pm

Network: NBC

Time Slot Competition: Private Practice, Criminal Minds, Kitchen Nightmares, Gossip Girl

Cast: Michelle Ryan, Chris Bowers, Miguel Ferrer, Katee Sackhoff, Molly Price, Will Yun Lee, Lucy Hale

The latest cult favorite to get the reimagining treatment is NBC's Bionic Woman.  In the updated version,  Jamie Sommers is played by British actress Michelle Ryan (Eastenders).  From Battlestar Galactica's veteran camp series remaker David Eick, Jamie Sommers is no longer a professional tennis player mangled in a horrific sky diving accident, she is a washed out college student, attending classes at day and tending bar at night between playing surrogate mother to her rebellious sister while also dating a brainiac bio-ethicist.

When Jamie and her boyfriend are nearly killed in a car accident, Jamie finds herself transported to a top secret medical facility where, as it turns out, her boyfriend is the chief physician.  The specialty of the underground shop, as you probably have guessed, is the replacement of human body parts with robotic equivalents.   Only this program, funded by a black ops segment of the defense industry, isn't meant for healing shattered girlfriends.  It's meant for super soldiers.

While Jamie's boyfriend argues against her termination, Jamie gradually comes to grips with what has happened to her.  A second lease on life that she did not ask for, with strings attached that she has no intentions of agreeing with.  When her boyfriend helps her escape back into the safety of civilization, she makes a feeble attempt to restart her life, only to find herself being stalked by forces that have been ostracized by the Bionics program, including the first experimental Bionic Woman played by Katee Sackhoff.

After getting a feel for what her new enhancements are capable of, Jamie decides to go along with the project, but on her own terms.  What awaits her in the terms of action, spy adventures, and bionic fistfights is anybody's guess, but the existence of seditious forces suggests a more serialized approach than Bionic Woman's campy predecessor.

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- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV
(Photo courtesy of NBC)