Who Will Win 'Big Brother 11'?
Who Will Win 'Big Brother 11'?
The show hasn't started, but already it's time to look to the end.  Sure, there's a mystery 13th houseguest coming in, but since it's most likely going to be a former Big Brother houseguest, there's no way they'll let them get far enough to win/

So who will win?  We don't know much about the houseguests. But based on their photos and bios, there are some clear favorites and some clear losers.  But to let your voice be heard, click here to vote for who you think will win Big Brother 11.

No Chance in Hell:
Laura, Jordan, Natalie, Kevin

First, the sexy young girls never win.  In the show's 10 seasons, women have only won three times, including the extra annoying Maggie from season 6.  That leaves Jordan and Laura without a prayer.  Similarly, no one likes the feisty, confrontational girl with attitude, so Natalie is out.  Gay guys have a terrible track record, getting too emotionally involved like Bunky or making awful decisions like Marcellas. 

Wild Cards:
Ronnie, Lydia, Casey, Braden

Is Ronnie lovable or just a loser?  I don't know.

Will Lydia live up to her bad-ass tattooed image, or is she smarter than anyone will think?  I don't know.

Is Casey just a silly dork like Mike Boogie, or is he smart enough to glom onto a better player, like Mike Boogie?  I don't know?

Will Braden crash and burn by being too cocky too quickly, or will he skate by on his good looks all the way to the end?  I don't know.

And that's what makes them wild cards,

Jeff, Russell, Chima, Michele

Jeff seems like a strong competitor who's also very smart, which could put him in the Dr. Will or Dan category.  Russell could be the lovable lunkhead or the offensive jerk who gets through like Evel Dick or Adam.

Michele has  Ph.D., so I'd like to think she is more logical and strategic than everyone else in the house combined, which could make her half Dr. Will, half Jun.  And Chima could get by as part of a large group like Maggie and happen to win in the end, or she'll trick others into letting her stay like Jun.

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-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer