Who Are the 'Big Brother 16' Cast's Favorite Players?
Who Are the 'Big Brother 16' Cast's Favorite Players?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Big Brother 16 is fast approaching, and now we've met the new crop of houseguests who will compete in the most twisted season ever. In a bit of a surprise, for the second season in a row, there are no returning players (something that hasn't happened in more than five years).

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Having seen video interviews and read the bios for the new HGs, it's easy to make first impressions. Just as important, however, is the question: Who is your favorite former Big Brother HG? For die-hard fans, that question can cause bitter feuds. Some of us love players like Dan Gheesling, Dr. Will Kirby and Daniele Donato. Other (less intelligent) people might pick Rachel Reilly or Jeff Schroeder.

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CBS has released the picks of this year's new HGs for their favorite past players, so let's look at them and find out what they mean. Interestingly, eight of them chose past winners and five chose HGs from last season (though, thankfully, not Aaryn or Elissa)

Here are the past players and the newbies who chose them:

Season 12 Winner Hayden Moss: Caleb, Devin and Hayden

Season 10 Winner Dan Gheesling: Derrick and Nicole

Seasons 12 and 14's Britney Haynes: Brittany and Frankie

All-Stars Winner Mike "Boogie Malin, Seasons 6 and 7's Howie Gordon and Season 15's Helen Kim: Christine

Seasons 6, 7 and 14's Janelle Pierzina: Paola

Season 13 Winner Rachel Reilly: Jocasta

Seasons 11 and 13's Jeff Schroeder: Cody

Season 15 Winner Andy Herren: Zach

Season 15's GinaMarie Zimmerman: Joey

Season 15's Spencer Clawson: Donny

Season 15's Howard Overby: Amber

None: Victoria (she's never seen the U.S. version, only the Israeli version)

Here are my thoughts on those picks:

-The correct answer is Dan Gheesling, so kudos to Nicole and Derrick for being right. Paola gets partial credit, because Janelle is also an acceptable choice.

-The wrongest answer is Rachel Reilly, so Jocasta is instantly my least favorite person this season.

-People who choose someone from the most recent season aren't usually real fans of the show. That's especially true this time, since actual fans agree last season was the worst. I mean, who picks bland Andy, useless Howard or the controversial GM and Spencer? Seriously? Joey's favorite player from 15 seasons is the brain-dead, Nick-obsessed stalker who used the n-word? And Donny's favorite is the guy who made jokes about pedophilia and referred to women as the c-word about 100 times a day?

-People who choose multiple favorites are annoying. I really like Christine, but just pick one, not three. Also, while Mike "Boogie" is a reasonable choice, but adding the ridiculous Howie and the clueless Helen is just odd..

-People who choose Hayden have an unrealistic view that winning this game is really easy and are more likely to form first-day, all-male alliances. They aren't that bright, so Devin, Caleb and new Hayden aren't likely to do well in the increasingly twisted and complex game.

-People who choose Britney are more interested in trying to be funny in the diary room than playing to win, so Brittany and Frankie won't be that good.

-People who haven't seen the show before should NEVER be allowed to be on the show. I don't care if they've seen the Israeli version like Victoria, because Big Brother in other countries is a completely different animal.

What do you think of the newbies' choices for their favorite Big Brother players? Are you sad no one mentioned Dr. Will or Evel Dick? Do you wish someone made a random, old school pick like Danielle Reyes or Kaysar? Do you think less of Joey for picking GinaMarie?

Big Brother 16 begins with a two-night Move-In event Wednesday, June 25 at 8pm and Thursday, June 26 at 9pm on CBS.

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