Was it Unfair to Put Dick and Daniele Donato in the 'Big Brother 8' House Together?
Was it Unfair to Put Dick and Daniele Donato in the 'Big Brother 8' House Together?
The debate has raged all season.  It seemed inconsequential at start of the Big Brother season, but has gained more steam (and validity) as the weeks have passed and the number of houseguests dwindled: Was it unfair for CBS to put the father/daughter team of Dick and Daniele Donato into the same Big Brother house?  Dick and Daniele have now made it into the final four of Big Brother 8 and are the favorites to win the entire thing.  The Donatos have their supporters, but recently the apologists have been drowned out by the hordes of haters.  Dick and Daniele are despised far and wide amongst the Big Brother nation.  One of the most prominent battle cries of the anti-Donatos is “it was unfair to put a father and daughter in the same house”.  I don't buy it. 

Big Brother is a game of alliances.  The argument goes that since Dick and Daniele are immediate family, they had a built-in alliance and therefore had a leg up on the competition.  They wouldn't have to fear being stabbed in the back by an alliance member.  First off, we shouldn't forget that the Donatos hadn't spoken to each other in two years and came into the house as “enemies”.  While CBS had to understand the possibility that the two would make up and work together, that certainly wasn't a given.  You can't accurately predict how well two estranged family members are going to react to a situation like the one on Big Brother

Even if CBS had an idea that the Donatos would eventually work together, I don't see this as much of a advantage.  While, yes, Big Brother is a game of alliances, it's not always wise to be an obvious alliance from the beginning of the season.  Once it became clear that Dick and Daniele would become a singular entity, the onus fell on the other houseguests to break them up.  Eric and Jessica became every bit the inseparable alliance as Dick and Daniele, they just got outplayed by the Donatos.  I truly believe, looking back, that the Donatos did not benefit all that much from being father/daughter.  They've been nominated together three times and have survived the first two.  Sure, they won Power of Vetos, but even then one of the Donatos remained on the block.  The other houseguests should have taken their chance to evict them. 

I really don't see much validity in the “it's not fair” argument regarding Dick and Daniele.  It's a reality show.  Having a estranged father/daughter on Big Brother was an opportunity for good television on CBS's part and they took it.  And, by the way, they were right.  Dick and Daniele have been the highlight of the season, whether you hate them or not.  You might find Dick's verbal outbursts off-putting (or downright evil), but he's dominated the action in the house.  You might find Daniele whiny and vapid, but you can't deny that she's been possibly the best challenge player Big Brother has ever seen.  No one said last season that it was unfair to put Dr. Will and Mike Boogie in the same house and their relationship is almost definitely stronger than Dick and Daniele's.  So, please, just because you hate Dick and Daniele and it pisses you off that one of them is probably going to win $500,000, it doesn't mean the odds were stacked in their favor from the outset.  They've just been better than everyone else. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer 
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