Videos: Learn More About the Men of 'Big Brother 12'
Videos: Learn More About the Men of 'Big Brother 12'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
First impressions are everything in Big Brother. We've seen the photos of the 13 houseguests and know their names, ages, hometowns and occupations, now we can see if we were right by checking out CBS' video interviews of the HGs.

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Here's a look at the men of Big Brother 12, ranging from two married men, one college slacker, two guys who hope to lie and be underestimated and a gay college professor who compares himself to a sourball in a metaphor laced with sexual innuendo, intentional or not.


My Take: The moment he said he knew he'd be the smartest person in the house, he lost me. That incredibly ego is sure to doom him and he's now my pick to be the first to go.


My Take: A secret physicist? I'm a bit skeptical, mostly because I don't think being a physicist is the kind of intellect you need to play this game, but since half the men this season are ineligible for a showmance (one gay, two married), his odds are good.


My Take: If you can't wait for Jersey Shore, Enzo will provide some hilarious Jersey-style antics. I'm not sure how aware he is of his own preposterousness (mentioning his sadness over missing his wife, his kid, his mom's baked ziti and his Fantasy Baseball leagues all in the same sentence), but he'll certain be the most entertaining.


My Take: They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but you can definitely judge a Big Brother contestant by his hair. One look at this guy and you know everything you need to know: he's a laid back, carefree frat dude who clearly knows nothing about responsibility. However, he'll have his pick of the ladies for showmances.


My Take: Maybe he just took a sedative before this interview, but he seems really slow-witted. If Big Brother were Archie Comics, he'd be Moose.


My Take: He name-dropped Jeff and Dan, two of my favorite players in recent memory and he seems like the guy I'll most like this season. It's just a shame his new wife is going to keep him from exploring the tactical benefits of having a showmance.


My Take: While I appreciate true Big Brother gamers, I don't really like people who describe themselves that way.

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