The 5 Best Alliances in 'Big Brother' History
The 5 Best Alliances in 'Big Brother' History
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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In the first week of Big Brother 12, Hayden, Matt, Enzo and Lane formed the Brigade, an alliance that Matt claimed was the best one in Big Brother history. That's a strange comment, especially coming from a house where the HGs talk nonstop about past contestants and strategies.

While the Brigade may eventually rise to the level of greatness, Matt shouldn't count his chickens before they're hatched. Being a great alliance requires more than a cool name, you need a strategy, a little bit of luck, and a Big Brother victory.

Looking back, here are the five best alliances in Big Brother history.

#5 The Four Horsemen (Season 5)

As Peter Griffin said about the Greatest American Hero, the Four Horsemen's greatest achievement could be that people still remember them despite a short run. The four men of season 5 identified by their bandanas (Drew, Cowboy, Scott and Jase) talked a big game, but Scott and Jase were eliminated fairly early, not even making the jury house. Things worked out much better for the other two, however, since Drew and Cowboy were in the finale. Hopefully the Brigade remembers this lesson, because they're headed down a very similar path.

#4 The Friendship (Season 6)

The single most hated alliance ever, the Friendship (also called the Nerd Herd by the cool kids of season 6) helped lead to Maggie's victory, making her the most undeserving winner in Big Brother history. From their cult-like nickname to their mass delusions that they were always right and that America loved them (America did NOT love them at all), thinking about the Friendship still makes me throw up a little in my mouth. But results are results, and the finale did feature two members of the Friendship.

#3 The Donatos (Season 8)

I still have no idea what happened in season 8. From the beginning, everyone knew that Dick and Danielle were father and daughter, which is the ultimate alliance. Yet they were allowed to survive the entire game and become the final two. They must've done something right (or everyone else did something very wrong), because their unbreakable alliance was a clear and present danger for the whole game.

#2 Chilltown (Seasons 2 and 7)

The team of Mike Boogie and Dr. Will is impressive not just for their bromance that spanned two seasons, but because BOTH members of Chilltown have won Big Brother. When it was first started, Will was the winner of season 2, and when they both returned for the all-star season, they each made the final four and Mike was the eventual winner. You have to give them credit for style.

#1 The Six-Finger Plan Alliance (Season 5)

To this day, Nakomis and her alliance pulling off her "Six-Finger Plan" during week 5 of season 5 remains the single greatest bit of strategy in the history of Big Brother, This was the first season where the Power of Veto competition was limited to six players and before the random draw so the HoH and nominees got to pick who they wanted to play.

The strategy played out beautifully as Nakomis nominated two members of her alliance (Diane and Marvin), and they chose the other three members of their alliance (Drew, Adria and Will) to play the PoV. Whoever won would take one of the nominees off and they would then backdoor Jase. With only nine HGs remaining, all Nakomis needed was four votes to evict him, which she had in her alliance. It was a plan of pure mathematic simplicity that was guaranteed to work so that, from the moment Nakomis won the HoH, there was nothing Jase could do to save himself. I still get goosebumps thinking about it.

So as you can see, the Brigade has a lot of work to do if it wants to go down as the greatest alliance in Big Brother history. To start, one of the four needs to win, since success is the one thing all of these alliances have in common.

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