Tex's Take: BB8 Week 5 - Daniele is New Head of Household
Tex's Take:  BB8 Week 5 - Daniele is New Head of Household
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Well, for a change the flip-floppers didn't flip or flop. By a vote of 6-2 Nick was evicted. Even though I predicted a Nick eviction last night, up until the fifth vote, I wasn't too sure. There is so much drama in that house. Just this afternoon, Amber went off on Kail accusing her of not helping clean the house. Kail got so upset that she threatened to leave and she went into the Diary Room saying she wanted out.

She wasn't there very long, but when she came out she was really subdued. And then we went to the wicked blue vortex, or rabbit hole, or whatever they call it this year. Speculation was rampant that 1) Kail left or 2) Dick left. Oh, did I forget to mention that Dick went off on Jen ... again? He had one of those big golf clubs in his hand and slammed it down on the counter. Once again that faction of fans that totally despises Dick, called for his ouster because of his 'violent behavior'. In the end, I don't know why we the feeds were blocked for so long because when they turned them back on both were still there.

Tonight was an endurance Head of Household competition. The houseguests hung from pendulums of clocks and had birds 'pooping' on them at intervals. They had to hang upside down and the pendulums were swinging. They weren't too clear on the rules, but supposedly they could not touch the bar at any time and their heads were supposed to be below the crossbar.

When Big Brother went off the air, we all expected the feeds to come on right away. Boy were we mistaken. They didn't turn the feeds back on for over an hour. A couple of sites reported that another banner was flown over the house and one said that there were technical difficulties and the competition had to be restarted.

Whatever the reason, when they deemed to turn the feeds back on, there were only four girls left: Jessica, Daniele, Jen and Kail. From listening to the guys, Eric was disqualified for having his head above the crossbar. I don't know how the others were eliminated. There were four feeds. One was on Daniele, one on Kail and two were on the people that were already eliminated. Is that stupid or what? And on all four feeds we had to listen to Dick taunt Jen and Kail.

Jessica was the next to fall off. Since they weren't showing her, I don't know what happened. A good little while later we heard Eric and Dick yelling that it was against the rules to touch the bar, so we got vortex. After coming back, only Kail and Daniele were left. That led me to believe that Jen touched the bar and was disqualified. It didn't take long at all for Kail to sell Jen out again. She quickly made a deal with Daniele to guarantee her safety. Daniele promised she wouldn't go home ... but she never said she wouldn't nominate her.

Who will Daniele nominate? Will it be Kail/Jen part 3? I heard Daniele tell her dad that she wanted to backdoor Jen, so who will she put up in her place? Nominations are usually on Friday along with the food competition, so we'll find out then. Until then, see y'all around the forums!

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