Thoughts on Big Brother's "Fairy Tale" Season
Thoughts on Big Brother's "Fairy Tale" Season
The line in the sand has been drawn – and not just in the recently concluded Big Brother house, between the “GOOD” people and the Donato Duo.  It seems that America itself has been split down the middle between those gagging over a Donato victory and their pro-Dick and Daniele nemeses.

Let me say right off the bat that I never rooted for Daniele.  It didn't take long for me to decide she was little more than a whiny, self-absorbed brat.  Of course, there could be a vast world of difference between her Big Brother persona and what she's really like outside of the CBS fishbowl.  Nonetheless, if what we saw of her comes close to her true nature, I was right in hoping she wouldn't emerge the winner.

This brings me to the paradox of my eventual favorite.  Coming into the season, I had no clear cut bet for the Big Brother 8 winner.  As the days went by though, I came to realize that stereotypes really can be broken – at least when it comes to my personal preferences.  Offhand, Dick is the poster boy for what I cannot stand - tattooed, spitting, smoking, belching, farting, incessantly cussing and rude beyond description.  He epitomized everything I tend to shy away from.  Inexplicably however, I found myself drawn to the man the Big Brother community has come to call Evil.

Beyond the body piercing and artwork; despite the perpetual and seemingly perfunctory excretion of some bodily fluids, Dick became a fascinating and strangely endearing character.  Maybe I grew fond of him because I came to dislike Jen and felt a sense of vindication whenever he put her in her place.  Perhaps I thought he was inherently decent despite appearances, because of his regular propensity to clean up after everyone else.  It could also be that his repeatedly painful efforts to bridge the chasm between him and Daniele spoke to the sentimental fool within me.  Whatever the reason – perhaps a combination of all of the above – I grew fond of the man who many have judged to be one of the most royal jerks on the face of the planet.  He actually brought me to the brink of tears with his valiant, albeit, losing effort on that rain-soaked marathon race for the first of the final two Head of Household contests.

Obviously, I became increasingly single-minded in hoping Dick would come out as Big Brother 8's winner.  Second on my list was Zach, despite the fact that he will probably go down in Big Brother history as the ostracized ogre of the season.  As with Dick, I found myself pulling for him more and more as the weeks went by.  He went from butt-kissing nobody to a strong and visible force in the long haul.  I suppose I was also taken by his status as perennial underdog during the competition.

Despite my earlier claim that I wasn't cheering for Daniele, my support for Dick effectively became support for her after Zach was taken out of the picture.  Still, I hoped that the jury would look past all of Dick's unspeakable behavior and reward him with their vote.  In my mind, a victory for him was not necessarily tantamount to a victory for his daughter.  I got my wish in the end and am more than enthused at the outcome.  After everything that's transpired, Dick simply won me over as a dad willing to do everything for his daughter.  In his words, their triumph has made this a “fairy tale” Big Brother season.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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