Exclusive Interview with Laura from 'Big Brother 11'
Exclusive Interview with Laura from 'Big Brother 11'
If Big Brother 11 was supposed to be about stereotyping adults into old high school cliques, than Laura broke the mold.  A bikini model with large breasts, she's the kind of girl you'd look at and instantly dismiss as a dumb airhead.  But during her time in the Big Brother house, Laura defied those expectations and proved herself to be one of the smartest, most rational players in Big Brother history.  So, naturally, she was evicted in week 2.

I spoke to Laura after her elimination, and if possible, she sounds even smarter and more poised in conversation.  Laura talked about being a student of the game and some of her favorite past houseguests, her plot to systematically reveal Ronnie for the rat he is, and the possibility of Ronnie somehow winning the whole game.

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-Laura is very proud of the way she exposed Ronnie's lies to the entire house, because she knew she was going down, and she wanted to at least make it worth while.  She's also a long-time Big Brother fan, so part of it stemmed from doing what she wishes past contestants did.

-She's been watching Big Brother for years, and among her favorite past contestants are Dr. Will, Janelle, Dick and Danielle, and last year's winner, Dan.  She was particularly impressed that Dick and Danielle could make it to the end despite the fact that, as father and daughter, they never should've been able to do that.  Laura also predicted Dan would win during the second week of last season and even bet her friends on it.

-Speaking of unlikely winners with Dick Donato, Laura is of two minds about Ronnie.  On the one hand, she wants him evicted this week as payback.  On the other hand, as a fan of the game, she would be fascinated if Ronnie could make it to the end despite the fact that she very clearly and rationally pointed out all the reasons he can't be trusted.

-Laura also believes that Jessie being Head of Household greatly decreases the likelihood of Ronnie being evicted.  The plan is to backdoor Ronnie, but Laura fears Jessie is the one person in the house Ronnie has been the most honest with and that it gives Ronnie his best and only chance to survive the week.

-Laura's initial strategy was not to be too forceful, to play dumb and just be nice in the beginning.  However, that failed for this season because there was so much gameplay and strategy and alliance-building in the start, so Laura's strategy got lost in the shuffel.  Once she realized she was going home, she decided to throw that rule book out the window and just show everyone that she's a brilliant student of the game and an asset to have on their side. 

-Her connection to Jeff and Jordan is still strong, and Laura is rooting for them to make it to the end.  However, always brutally honest and truthful, Laura mentioned that Jordan is rather naïve and not-so-bright when it comes to the game, and that if she can make it far, it will be largely due to Jeff's protection.

-After being on Slop, the first thing Laura did upon leaving the house was enjoy some pizza she'd made and prepared one hour before the live eviction vote.

-Interview conducted by John Kubicek
(Image courtesy of CBS)