'Big Brother 11' Interview: Casey Discusses "Dude Stuff" and Jessie's Stupidity
'Big Brother 11' Interview: Casey Discusses "Dude Stuff" and Jessie's Stupidity
The banana man was evicted on Big Brother 11, but don't feel too bad for Casey.  The teacher/DJ and father of two may have been unfairly evicted by an unruly and untrustworthy alliance, but he went out on a high note, calling out their lies and introducing the word "dorkopotamus" to the world.

When I spoke to Casey, he was every bit as energetic and full of life as he is on TV, because when it comes to Casey, what you see is what you get.  Casey talked about being too trusting in the Big Brother house, the reason he's happy to be evicted now, and his uncensored thoughts on all the houseguests.

The primary reason Casey thinks he was evicted is because he was way to naïve and trusted Jessie to be a man of his word.  To a certain extent, Casey respects that he got played, and he knows it's just a game.  But Casey said there's a difference between playing the game and being nasty about it.  He doesn't mind people lying about their age or profession, but when you go above and beyond what's necessary to rub your power in other people's faces, Casey just felt Jessie and Ronnie were playing a mean-spirited game, something Casey doesn't respect.

As for his competitors, Casey gave us some insight into what he really thinks of some of the HGs:

Lydia: Casey didn't like her loud and abrasive nature.  He says she replaced logic and reason and rational thought with volume to make her point, and it just made her seem annoying.

Kevin: Casey's first impression was that Kevin was a nice and sincere guy, and that's exactly how he views him now.

Russell: Casey plans on staying friends with Russell after the game not because of the honesty and loyalty, but because they were allowed to just hang out and talk about "dude stuff" like women, work and life.

Jeff: Much like Russell, Jeff was another dude in the house with whom Casey could discuss manly things.

Jordan: Casey viewed her as a "little sister," the typical, sweet girl next door.

Braden: This surfer dude was flighty, and Casey isn't even sure Braden knew he was on a TV show.

Jessie: Though Casey still thins Ronnie is a rat, he saved his harshest criticism for the bodybuilder.  Basically, Casey believes Jessie is way too full of himself and he has no right to be so.  Casey said that Jessie thinks he has a great personality and that he's smart and funny, but confirming what those of us online thought, Casey said that Jessie isn't any of those things.

I also asked Casey about how he thought viewers perceived him, and he said he honestly hadn't given it much thought.  Casey was just being himself, and his biggest concerns were that people watching on the live feeds would see him "picking my nose" or "scratching my butt," both of which are things he does because he's just a regular dude.

Finally, Casey expressed a certain level of excitement over being evicted now instead of later, when he'd have to stay in the sequester house.  "I get to be with my loved ones," he said, "Instead of spending six or seven weeks with unloved ones."

-Interview conducted by John Kubicek

(Image courtesy of CBS)