Did the New Pandora's Box Ruin the Integrity of 'Big Brother 12'?
Did the New Pandora's Box Ruin the Integrity of 'Big Brother 12'?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The HGs on Big Brother love to talk about integrity and moral superiority. Every season there are HGs who think that lying and deception are wrong and should not be used at all. These are people I like to call morons.

Big Brother has never been about honestly, it's about deceit, it's about convincing others to trust you. It's essentially a giant con game. However, there are still rules, and this season the producers seem to be going out of their way to stretch and possibly even break those rules.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains details about events inside the Big Brother 12 house.

This week Brendon opened the second Pandora's Box of the season. As a result he got a 24-hour spa vacation while Rachel returned to the house for the same 24-hour period to stir up more of her drama.

Right away I have a huge ethical problem with this. Rachel was evicted and will be on the jury. Letting her come back into the house prior to the finale means she will have additional information she shouldn't have. It also means she got to continue playing the game and affecting the outcome. Once you're evicted you shouldn't be able to have any say in the way the game unfolds, but that's exactly what Rachel's return did.

In addition, there's the issue of the goodbye messages. After her eviction Rachel was shown messages from some of the HGs still in the house. The diary room sessions are supposed to be private, and I suspect that the HGs were NOT told that there was a chance that the evicted person would return. That would have dramatically altered what people said in the messages.

In fact, members of the Brigade even scurried after Rachel's return to find out if she knew about their alliance. She didn't, but Rachel still came back armed with information that was supposed to be private.

If this still isn't enough to make you think the Pandora's Box twist was unfair, before leaving, Rachel used Brendon's pretzels to spell out a message for him in his HoH room. The message said "I Love You," followed by the name "Matt." It doesn't take a chemist to figure out that this was Rachel's way of telling Brendon who to nominate as Ragan's replacement at the Power of Veto ceremony.

Kathy knew about this and has since told Matt, causing him to be properly indignant. He's not angry that someone lied to him (which Brendon did before nominations, promising that Matt would not be backdoored), he's angry that Rachel found a way to essentially pass a note to Brendon and continue playing the game after her eviction. It's cheating, plain and simple.

Sure, the whole argument may seem moot since Matt has the Diamond Power of Veto, but that's beside the point. It's the principle that matters. And yes, even though I strongly support Matt as he is the kind of player I typically root for (ruthless and conniving), I can admit that the first Pandora's Box was also a bit biased.

It does seem strange that the HoH would be given the Diamond Power of Veto that can only be used for two weeks. The first time he was HoH and had no need for it, so it was essentially a way to make whoever won the fifth HoH get a second week in power. Extra powers should not be granted to HGs who already have power, but that's an issue with the idiocy of the producers and the way they set up their game, much like on The Amazing Race when a U-Turn is in a non-elimination leg.

My point is that Big Brother need to start respecting the integrity of its own game. The producers shouldn't get involved, they shouldn't make up the game as it goes and change the rules whenever they want. Big Brother contestants may not have integrity, but the game still should.

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