Big Brother 8: What Will They Show on Sunday's Episode?
Big Brother 8:  What Will They Show on Sunday's Episode?
This coming Sunday brings the penultimate episode of Big Brother 8.  Reality shows tend to get better and more suspenseful as they near the finale, but this will not be the case for Big Brother.  The season essentially ended Thursday night, when the Donatos evicted Zach from the house and left Dick and Daniele as the only remaining houseguests.  Whoever wins the final vote is relatively inconsequential.  That being said, with no suspense left in the season, there are still two more episodes of Big Brother.  Next Tuesday is the live finale, featuring the live votes and houseguest reunions (not to mention Eric revealing his post as America's Player).  What, then, will fill Sunday's hour of Big Brother

All of us Big Brother fans can look forward to, possibly, the most boring episode in the show's history.  There will be a lot of rejoicing and talking between Dick and Daniele.  Maybe we'll get some home footage from their family.  It's almost certain that we'll get footage of a depressed jury house when Zach shows up to join the rest of the losers.  Everyone in the jury house will know that they failed in standing up to the reviled Donato clan.  What I'm hoping for the most is a luxury competition with Dick and Daniele.  They have to do something like that, right?  It's a Big Brother episode, so they're going to have to show some footage from inside the house.  Dick and Daniele spend most of their free time bashing the other houseguests.  Will CBS air those conversations?

Here's my advice:  DVR Big Brother while you watch the Emmys live.  Then you can fast forward through all the boring parts of Sunday's episode, of which there should be many.  I'm still holding out hope for some Dick and Daniele drama, but I doubt CBS would air it.  They've been very kind to the Donatos in the editing room this season and I see no reason for that trend to end now.  But, as a Big Brother fan, like all of you out there, you have to admit: a boring Big Brother episode is still a Big Brother episode and, therefore, is probably worth watching.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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