Big Brother 8: What to Make of the Evicted Player Gag Order?
Big Brother 8: What to Make of the Evicted Player Gag Order?
Late last week, CBS let the media (which includes us over here at BuddyTV) know that they would not be allowed access to the evicted houseguests.  Since the premiere of Big Brother, the evicted houseguests have been totally available for interviews.  Once the contestants began heading to the sequester house, we were allowed to send questions via email, for which we received written answers from the evicted party.  This stopped abruptly last week when Amber was eliminated from Big Brother.  This is clearly not a coincidence.

There's been some bitterness over CBS' decision among segments of the media.  I understand this.  Amber would be a great subject to interview, if only to get her to comment on her anti-semitic remarks.  However, I have to side with CBS.  This was certainly an executive decision by CBS, and it was borne out of compassion.  Amber, who doesn't have a whole lot of fans out there, is an unbalanced human being.  We can make fun of her all we like (which I have regularly over the past couple months), but she has some serious emotional issues that a media blitz would only compound.  I actually find CBS' reluctance to let Amber hear from the media noble, in that they're looking out for her mental well-being.

Think about it.  From what we learned about Amber during the live feeds, she has a very skewed version of herself.  It's likely that Amber believed she had legions upon legions of fans out there.  She definitely saw herself as one of the good guys.  Unfortunately, she doesn't have fans, and she's not one of the good guys.  This realization would/will crush Amber.  It's better for her to take that let down privately, and not in the face of difficult questions from the media.  If she doesn't know what “speculate” means, how can we expect a reasoned defense of her offensive comments towards the Jewish community?

The other issue some are having with CBS and Big Brother exec Allison Grodner is the complete lack of sequester house footage so far.  The word is that we may only see one instance of sequester house footage the entire season.  I, like most fans, would like to see more of the sequester house, but it's not a deal-breaker for me.  We don't know the whole story.  Did Jen ever make it, or did she check into a hotel?  How did CBS handle Amber after she was evicted?  Is Dustin alone in the house right now?  It's all a mystery, and I'm sure we'll know the truth soon enough.  Right now, we can all look forward to tomorrow's double eviction episode of Big Brother, which should be a whole lot of fun.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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