Big Brother 8: Revisiting Preseason Predictions
Big Brother 8: Revisiting Preseason Predictions
About a week before the premiere of Big Brother 8, I wrote a two-part article entitled Big Brother 8: Totally Superficial Predictions.  In this article I predicted the order of eviction for all fourteen houseguests with only a picture and short bio for each person.  Needless to say, most of my predictions were off-base.  But, now that we're one day away from the Big Brother 8 finale, I thought it'd be fun to take a look back and see what my best and worst preseason predictions were.

My best prediction is easy: I picked Dick Donato to win the whole thing, which he just might do.  Although I did state that he would benefit from a secret alliance with Joe and those two would make it to the end, I was at that point unaware that Dick and Daniele were father and daughter.  My second best prediction was picking Jameka to finish third.  Blindly picking two of the top four is pretty good, right?  I think I might go buy some scratch tickets. 

My worst prediction had to do with Zach, who I said would be the first evicted houseguest.  In terms of being furthest away from where they actually got booted, that' was bad.  However, in terms of identifying “who” the person was via only the photo, I was furthest off on Jen Johnson.  Here's what I said about her:

“Being a Beverly Hills nanny brought with Jen low expectations from the viewing public, but she will be far more down-to-earth and respectable than one would expect.  Not one to get drunk and take off her clothes like the other girls, Jen will be applauded time and time again by the female viewership for giving young females a good name.”

Not very accurate.  Beverly Hills nanny...I should have known.  It's difficult to judge someone based on only a picture.  How could I have known that Amber had super human tear ducts or that Nick was a cheese ball or that Mike was a mute or that Daniele would be a dominant competition force.  Big Brother, more so than any other reality show, gives the audience time to grow out of first impressions and change opinions of the players as the season moves along. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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