Big Brother 8: Lowlights of the Season
Big Brother 8: Lowlights of the Season
Big Brother 8 had its share of low moments.  For lots of fans out there, just the presence of Dick and Daniele throughout the season has been a lowlight.  I'm not in that camp, but there are always moments and trends throughout a Big Brother season that aren't going to sit well with the audience.  A couple days back we looked at the highlights of Big Brother 8, so today we'll take a gander at the lowlights.  Mine will surely be different from yours, and we encourage everyone to tell us what their least favorite moments of the season were in the comments below.

Cigarette Fight/Iced Tea Incident/Dick vs. Jen  

Dick and Jen didn't get along.  Dick's constant verbal beat downs of the Beverly Hill nanny were often difficult to listen to, although I still believe that Dick infused some strategy into his Jen hatred.  But that's another debate in which I seem to be in the overwhelming minority.  Regardless, it's not fun to watch two people get into such ferocious disagreements.  The Iced Tea Incident had a lot of build-up that people forget about and although it was Dick who laid the final blow, Jen was annoying as hell during the whole thing.  The cigarette fight was certainly instigated by Dick, but if you watch the video, Jen had the burn coming to her, trying to snatch a lit cigarette out of someone's hand.  None of it was enjoyable to watch, however.  We didn't need it.


I don't want to beat up on Amber.  I lay the blame solely on CBS for casting someone who was so emotionally unprepared to go on a show like Big Brother.  A former crack addict with a middle school vocabulary who has a backwards mindset on Jewish people should have been weeded out of the casting process quite early.  Her unbelievable propensity for crying was amusing at first, but soon got very sad.  Amber was an unbalanced person.  I think it sucks that people have used her anti-Semitic comments as an excuse to destroy her as a person.  I'm not condoning anything that she said, just that it was probably inevitable.  Idiots are going to say idiotic things.

God's Involvement

This is a touchy subject and I want to make it clear that my intention is not to bash religion in any way.  I'm glad that Jameka is a religious person and that Amber has a relationship with God that helped her get through the game.  But, I am of the opinion that God does not care about Big Brother.  He doesn't care who wins a PoV competition and He doesn't care who wins the money.  Big Brother exists in a vacuum.  What happens inside the house is not at all indicative of the real world or who these people are outside the house.  Dr. Will, by all accounts, is a mild-mannered good guy in his own life.  Inside the house, he became an evil genius.  I guarantee Dick Donato is not as abrasive in the real world as he is inside the house.  It's a game.  When a religious person is playing scrabble, they don't ask God for good letters.  I have no problem with Jameka doing her daily prayers to herself, but when she asks for help in a veto competition I have to admit that it bother me. 

Eric and Jessica Not Turning on the Donatos

This is my biggest disappointment of the season.  As much as I've been an ardent Donato supporter, I liked the Eric/Jessica alliance better.  They were both decent people and, for all the flak Eric has received for lying and whatnot, I thought he played a pretty great game, navigating through his America's Player tasks with much aplom.  That is, up until Jessica's final HoH stint.  His unwillingness to urge Jessica to turn on the Donatos was plain dumb.  They knew Dick or Daniele, when it came down to it, would act in their best interest.  Eric and Jessica should have done the same. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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