Big Brother 8: Final Two Reader Reactions
Big Brother 8: Final Two Reader Reactions
I'm not alone.  There are some other Donato fans out there and they all came out of the woodwork after last night's final eviction episode that saw Zach leave the Big Brother 8 house with only Dick and Daniele Donato remaining inside.  This reader reaction article is dedicated (mostly) to the Donato defenders.  We've heard the anti-Donato stance long enough, here are some testimonials from the pro-Donato camp.  I'm not going to pretend that Dick and Daniele were saints while inside the house, but you can't argue with the results. 

 cdoc77 said: I have to admit, I couldn't help but route for the Donatos. Sure, he is evil. But I guess it was the whole father/daughter thing, and the fact that Dick is a straight up mastermind and dominated the game. That's respectable.
(Lawrence, KS)

Ok seriously all of you who "claim" to hate the show, why are you spending time on a BB spoiler website???? You are obviously here because you are eager to see what happens, happened, or is happening. Get over yourselves. Don't be mad simply because you don't agree with someone's tactics. You are probably the same people who whine over bad ol Wal-Mart yet shop there to save money. Point is D&D won. GREAT FOR THEM. They ruled in the game. BB is nothing more than a game of manipulation. That is the only way you can win. Ms. god bearing Jameka was actually one of the best in my opinion. She was great at fooling people including a lot of you. Since when does someone who believes that strongly in the lord cuss as much as she did, have tattoos, drink, etc. The only thing CBS is guilty of is great editing. I don't see that as a crime. They got people to watch and talk about the show. Mission accomplished.

People get on the show to PLAY A GAME. Not to make friends - but to make MONEY. WHAT PART OF THAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? Sour grapes after being evicted is ridiculous. THEY WANTED TO WIN THE MONEY and played the way they thought would work. It didn't. End of story! Go Donatos!!!!

 I LOVED it...for me this show has never been about who is likable and who appears to be moralistic, it is about who is most interesting and who plays the game best. That, without a doubt, was Dick. Zach the Brainiac hit the nail on the head, Dick was a drill sergent...and he stripped all of the players down, 1 by 1, until there was no one and nothing left. Zach was a joke...not half the player that Dick was. And to the people above me, get over it...CBS only has to explain things to their shareholders, about the great response the show received and the raise on commercial revenue they can ask for for next season...

 This was by far one of the most entertaining seasons EVER! I am so happy for the Donatos. They had the odds stacked against them from day one! There has never been a pair of family members (not the twins, not Nakomis and Cowboy) who advanced far together in the game...They beat the odds and came out on top. There are no set rules about having to be nice or playing the game a certain way. It's about strategy and luck. Way to go Donatos! Game well played...can't wait to see how CBS tops themselves next season.

 Dick and Daniele have been my favorite from the beginning. In a way this season reminded me of season 6 with the Sovereign Six and the Nerd Herd, except this time the Sovereign Six comes out on top. Daniele reminded me a lot during the season of Janelle, and I'm happy that one of my favorite characters finally makes it to the end. If you think about it, if Zach, Dustin, Amber, or Jameka won, it wouldn't be that great. Like in season 6 and 7 the best players didn't make it to the end. (6 = Janelle, 7 = Will and Janelle) Granted the four person alliance with Eric and Jess was great, but they failed to capatalize on the moments to take power from the Donatos. The Donatos would have been wiped out when if Dustin was not had not been evicted.

 Based on the low level of posts, it is clear that most people are feeling pretty sick about tonight's events. Just one quick note. I am getting extremely tired of how everyone keeps saying that Dick and Daniele saved themselves because it is simply not true. When Dick was facing Dustin on the nomination block, America's idiotic vote to evict Dustin resulted in Eric keeping Dick in the house. Additionally, when Jessica was HOH just before her own untimely eviction, she had the chance to put up one or both Donatos, but once again, America's vote to get rid of Amber made Eric fight to keep them safe. As much as Dick claims credit for what he really did not do, America was 100% responsible for a total !@#!@ and his former jail-bait daughter making it to the final four. Up against Zach and Jameka, they obviously didn't have much competition. --I do take a little solace in the fact that Dick's promise to Zach that he will learn who was really in control of the game once it is all over (Fort Worth)
-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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