Big Brother 8: Final Jury Vote Predictions
Big Brother 8: Final Jury Vote Predictions
One more day and it's through.  Big Brother 8 will come to an end.  There are only a couple more issues to be dealt with, one of which is the final vote between the Donatos, Daniele and Dick.  The jury members will cast their live votes tomorrow night and either father or daughter will be half a million dollars richer.  Who will it be?  Based on extensive research (watching and writing about every episode) I've predicted who I believe each jury member, and America, will cast their vote for.  I urge everyone to leave their own predictions in the comment section if you disagree with me, which you inevitably will.

Dustin:  Dick

Any lingering animosity regarding Dick's orchestration of Dustin's removal will have passed with time.  Dustin, after having a lot of time to think about it, is going to vote for Dick because he'll realize how good of a game he played.  Dustin and Daniele never seemed to have gotten along and, even if he doesn't like Dick very much, the two spent a fair amount of time outside smoking together.  That has to count for something.

Jen: Daniele

There's no way Jen will vote for Dick, despite what she may say in the jury questioning.  Even if she believes Dick deserves to win, she still hates his guts and will vote for Daniele.

Amber: Dick   

Amber, Jameka and Dustin will probably all vote the same way.  If Dustin, as I believe, will want to vote for Dick, then it shouldn't be too difficult for him to convince Amber and Jameka.  Amber will go along with it because she never had too many problems with Dick and she never had any meaningful interactions with Daniele (which will be a common thread in the jury members' decisions).  

Jessica: Dick   

Eric and Jessica are going to be of the same mind here, even though Eric will be placing America's vote.  Jessica and Eric, more than anyone else in house, got along well with Dick.  They had a civil relationship and actually hung out a fair amount of time.  Their alliance crumbled, yes, but both Eric and Jessica know that it was a strategic move that the Donatos had to make.

Eric/America: Dick

America very recently decided they wanted Daniele out of the house.  Dick has never been America's target.  I think it's safe to say America will want Dick to win.

Jameka: Dick  

If my hypothesis is correct, she'll vote with Amber and Dustin.  Although Jameka and Dick had their dust-ups, they actually had somewhat of a relationship, whereas Jameka and Daniele had nothing.

Zach:  Daniele

Like Jen, I see no way that Zach will give Dick his vote.  The verbal abuse, be it game play or not, that Zach took from Dick over his last week is something a person doesn't soon forget.  Even if he believes that Dick does deserve to win it, I still think he'll give Daniele the vote. 

There you have it, a 5-2 victory for Dick.  I suppose it's possible that the Jameka/Dustin/Amber faction could decide to vote for Daniele, but I just don't see that happening. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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