Big Brother 8: Episode 27 - Daniele Wins PoV, Opts Not to Use It
Big Brother 8: Episode 27 - Daniele Wins PoV, Opts Not to Use It
Janelle returned to the Big Brother house tonight and she looked and acted like Janelle from Big Brother.  The rest of the episode featured a perturbed Jessica, a devastated Eric, about 4 seconds of screen time for Zach despite being HoH, and the Donatos mulling over their options on way to some very important decisions.  After Thursday's eviction episode there will only be four players left in the house, and what went down on tonight's Big Brother episode will say a lot as to who those four are. 

Jessica Turns Sour

After Zach nominated Jessica and Jameka, the two blocked ladies had a little discussion.  They were both quite upset, which seems to be the typical reaction to being nominated.  Jessica, especially, is pissed at Zach.  Jameka didn't like Zach's nomination speech about her, think it was total BS.  Which, of course it was, because he was as nice in his speech as he could be.  For the remainder of the episode, Jessica pouts and is relatively joyless.  She even becomes a little rude towards Eric, her only ally.  Her interest in Eric, despite a brief make out session, appears to be waning, though I'm unsure whether Eric is catching on to this.  It could just be the editing.  Eric keeps telling Jessica to buck up and that Jameka will be going home, not her.  Jess isn't convinced.

Janelle Returns!

Janelle Pierzina, Big Brother all-star, returned to host this week's PoV competition.  The houseguests are woken up in the middle of the night and taken to the backyard, which has been transformed into a pink-themed living room set up.  In the yard, there is a big pink chair and a television mounted on a wall, next to a veiled entrance.  The houseguests watch as the TV screen slowly reveals a picture of Janelle.  Eric says aloud that it looks like Ms. Piggy.  Right afterwards, Janelle busts through the veil, embarrassing Eric to no end.  She explained the competition:  Each houseguest will take a turn sitting in the big pink chair and get spun around for awhile.  Afterwards, they have to run through the veil to the other side of the wall, where a TV will show a swirled image of two houseguests merged together.  They have to try and identify which two houseguests are in the swirled picture.  They get four minutes to identify the players in as many pictures as they can.  Of course, Daniele wins the competition, beating Zach by a score of 7 to 6.

Eric is Dick is Eric

The America's Player task this week was for Eric to mimic a houseguests actions on three separate occasions.  America chooses Dick for imitation.  So, Eric follows Dick around on three separate occasions and mimics his every move.  It's actually pretty funny.  Dick is more amused than annoyed and the two have fun with it. 

The Donatos Have Some Decisions to Make

Dick can't get over having Janelle so close to him.  He flirted with her and he talks about how nice it was to flirt with someone again.  It's a bit weird.  Anyway, Dick and Daniele really stew over what to do with both the veto power and their eventual eviction votes.  Should they stay loyal to Eric and Jessica?  Should they just rip the band-aid off and evict Jessica on Thursday.  They decide who goes home, with two of the three votes.  They choose their own destiny.  And, they seem legitimately torn.  Dick, actually, seems more on the side of staying true to their agreement.  Dani seems to want to get rid of Jessica.  They don't come to any solid conclusions.  Daniele opts not to use the Power of Veto, keeping Jessica and Jameka on the block.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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