Big Brother 8: Amber Fired from Job in Wake of Anti-Semitic Comments?
Big Brother 8: Amber Fired from Job in Wake of Anti-Semitic Comments?
While perusing the internets on this fine fall morning, I ran into some interesting gossip, courtesy of a blog on the Bravo Television website.  This particular blog, written by Senior VP of Production and Programming at Bravo Andy Cohen, claims to have procured a juicy little nugget of info: Amber Siyavus, although she still may not know it, has been fired from her Vegas job as a cocktail waitress for her unfortunate anti-semitic comments made inside the Big Brother house.  Take the truth of this rumor with a grain of salt; Mr. Cohen gives no source for this information, although I do believe it, if only because it just makes sense.

Amber's comments inside the house are certainly more than enough cause for her firing, and I can't imagine she was a great employee in the first place.  Being a cocktail waitress after her highly controversial stint on Big Brother would be a major distraction anyway, and I could easily envision constant heckling thrown her way by hordes of Vegas drunkards.  Also, the fact that Amber copped to previous hard drug use couldn't have instilled her employers with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

The tragedy here is that Amber is a single mother trying to take care of her daughter, a difficult proposition for a disgraced, unemployed person.  Overall, I thought CBS did an excellent job of casting diverse personalities for Big Brother 8, but my only qualm continues to be the inclusion of Amber into the house.  Regardless of Amber's motivation for participating in the show, CBS should have known better.  Any background checks and interviews they did with Amber had to have let them know that she is an unbalanced person, not fit for the type of scrutiny and baggage a show like Big Brother brings. 

Hopefully, this will all have a happy ending and, as our upcoming interview with Amber shows, the woman truly believes she has turned her life around and that things are looking up for her and her family.  Let's hope that this news about her job doesn't set her back.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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