Hell's Kitchen, Season 2, Episode 4 "Eight Chefs"
Hell's Kitchen, Season 2, Episode 4 "Eight Chefs"
Originally aired on Monday, June 26, 2006 Episode Rating: ** (2 stars out of five) Episode Overview: Fed up with the men's team, Chef Ramsay has Heather switch sides to right the men's ship. The chefs must then serve lunch to a hundred kids. During the dinner service both sides' inability to complete the dishes causes Chef Ramsay to explode and he orders both teams to nominate someone for elimination.

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Episode Highlights:
  • Heather is moved to the blue team.
  • The chefs serve hamburgers and pizza to a hundred screaming kids.
  • The chefs fail to complete another dinner service and Ramsay demands they both nominate someone for elimination.
Recap: Following the last elimination Tom is feeling betrayed by his teammates who he believes left him out to dry. He tells the girls this is his fourth career and that he has more to lose than anyone. The chefs meet with Gordon Ramsay who feels the men's team is in need of a leader. He then switches Heather to the blue team hoping she'll bring some stability to the flailing group. Heather is none too pleased, but is looking forward to distinguishing herself as a leader. Chef Ramsay then takes the chefs on a field trip to the most successful restaurant in Los Angeles – Pink's Hot Dogs, home of the Gordon Ramsay Dog, a delicious treat topped with mustard, sauerkraut and scorn. Tom hops behind the counter and cooks up some chili dogs while his teammates joke about leaving him there. Back at the kitchen, Ramsay tells the chefs that for the first time ever HELL'S KITCHEN will be opening for a lunch service. The menu includes simple dishes like hamburgers and pizza and the chefs question who they'll be serving. Their questions are soon answered as a hundred screaming children flood into the restaurant. The chefs start churning out pizza. Tom and Garrett get into a brief fight, but Heather steps in and defuses the situation. Meanwhile, the red team is coming unglued, with Rachel and Sara battling for dominance the team's cohesion is breaking down. The kids are becoming restless, shouting and spraying silly-string all around the restaurant. Chef Ramsay implores the chefs to put food in the little hellions' mouths. Both teams eventually complete all the orders and the kids leave happy. Ramsay commends the chefs for finally completing a service. The kids, discerning food critics that they are, rate each teams' performance on a scale of one to ten. The blue team edges out the red team and are rewarded with a day of cotton candy and ferris wheel rides at the Santa Monica Pier, while the red team is charged with cleaning up after the kids. Footage of the girls picking up spilled sodas, half-chewed gum and smooshed cheeseburgers follows. Rachel says she doesn't think Sara is taking the competition seriously and it's clear the rift between them is widening. As the chefs prepare for the evening service, the blue team are still riding high from their earlier win. Heather performs a public service by pulling up Keith's pants, reminding him no one wants to see his droopy drawers while they eat. Clearly this is a good omen. HELL'S KITCHEN opens and right away there are problems. Garrett's risotto is too salty and needs to start over, while the women's first batch is too stiff. Virginia and Sara begin working on the turbot entrees, but a miscommunication causes Chef Ramsay to think that Virginia is lying to him. He accuses her of being out for herself, which Virginia denies, as she looks to her teammate for support but only finds Sara gloating. The red team then runs out of ice, forcing Rachel to do the hundred-yard dash to the grocer's for more. Meanwhile Tom is holding up the blue team at the meat station. He mixes up a quail order causing Chef Ramsay to explode and then a pan explodes and the look on Ramsay's face makes it seem like the all of HELL'S KITCHEN is about to explode. Two hours into the service and only half the entrees are out and both teams are in complete collapse. Chef Ramsay shuts down HELL'S KITCHEN and lays into the chefs with an f-bomb-laden tirade, ordering both teams to nominate someone for elimination tonight. Back at the dorms, the red team can't decide who they should nominate. None of them performed well tonight and anyone could be going home. The blue team however are not nearly as conflicted; they're voting for Tom, because he can't cook, and he sweats a lot, and he talks to himself. Tom is then shown addressing the empty lawn chairs (again) referring to himself as a piece of gum you can't get rid of. Lovely analogy. The chefs met with Ramsay again, who calls them a bunch of fast-food chefs. The blue team nominates Tom while the red selects...Virginia? Ramsay is surprised by this, as he expected Rachel. Virgina sobbingly insists that her soul's still in this competition and Ramsay taunts Rachel saying she must love watching Virginia squirm. Rachel says she takes no pleasure in the proceedings and offers to take Virginia's place, which would be a very noble move if it wasn't glaringly obvious that Tom's the one going home. Ramsay then confirms the inevitable and eliminates Tom, saying he's get a big heart but lousy cooking skills. -Scott K.

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