'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Team America's 4th Mission
'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Team America's 4th Mission
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Team America succeeded with its first two missions fairly easily on Big Brother 16. Frankie, Derrick and Donny each earned $10,000 thanks to getting people to believe Zach is Amanda Zuckerman's cousin and nominating Amber, but they failed to get a 20-second fight in the past week (though they think they won it). Now they have their fourth task, with less than a day to complete it.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

The new mission is for Team America (meaning Derrick and Donny) to vote against the majority on Thursday's live eviction and all three of them must publicly blame two other HGs during the fallout (meaning before the HoH competition begins). That's dangerous.

Basically, everyone knows Amber will be evicted in a 9-0 vote, so this would require Donny and Derrick to make it 7-2, then throw two people under the bus in the aftermath.

Derrick was informed about the mission and told Frankie at around 1:23am. Their immediate reaction was disbelief, but then they quickly decided that Frankie could accuse Caleb of voting to keep Amber, while Derrick and Donny would accuse Zach of stirring up trouble with a hinky vote. Like almost every Team America mission, this one also revolves around throwing Zach under the bus.

Derrick then woke up Donny, who was scared out of his mind. Poor Donny goes to sleep at a reasonable hour (unlike most of the HGs who are up all night), so I feel so badly that he keeps getting woken up in the middle of the night.

Donny wants to decline it, but Frankie and Derrick pushed him to do it by talking about the money and how it's for America. They think it'll be easy to jokingly accuse Caleb and Zach and that everyone will buy it, but Donny is thinking about the long-term ramifications. It will look suspicious if all three of them accuse people in such a short time frame, especially Donny since it's so out of character. Donny also thinks there are a lot of smart people in the house, and they might be able to connect the dots. It doesn't help that everyone saw Donny awake at 2am talking to Derrick and Frankie the night before the vote.

On top of that, Donny raised concerns about what would happen if Caleb or Zach actually did vote to keep Amber and the vote was close or, in a crazy scenario, Amber stayed because of this. That's less of a concern for Derrick and Frankie, but they can't really tell him that they know exactly what everyone will do without exposing their alliances.

Derrick and Frankie don't seem to care about the fallout because they know they control a lot of what happens in the game and have alliances that Donny doesn't. This is particularly easy for Frankie because, as HoH, he can never be accused of throwing a vote against Jocasta. Donny, however, knows this will hurt his game far more than it will hurt Derrick or Frankie. He even mentioned to them that he doesn't want to play America's game and that he's there to win the game. Silly tasks are fine, but this one actually affects his game directly.

They decided to reconvene in the morning to decide, though Donny seems to be OK with reluctantly doing it if Frankie and Derrick want to. This Team America twist is really backfiring, because Donny appears to know that it's two against one and his vote doesn't really matter.

Once Donny left the HoH room, Frankie instantaneously talked about wanting to get rid of him if he's not going to help them with Team America (which is obviously the ONLY reason Frankie would keep him). Frankie has already started throwing Donny under the bus to Christine and Cody, suggesting that he be backdoored as early as next week.

This mission appears to be completely destroying Donny's game, which is upsetting. On the bright side, Derrick was smart enough to figure out that America thinks this season is boring because of all the unanimous votes and we want things to get stirred up. However, if Frankie and Derrick think evicting Donny is what America wants, they are sorely mistaken.

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