'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Detonators, Showmances and More in Week 3
'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Detonators, Showmances and More in Week 3
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The third week of Big Brother 16 has been relatively quiet. Nearly everyone in the house is on the same page, which is a lot different from the crazy scrambling and scheming last week to keep Zach safe. However, the downtime has allowed a few new formal alliances to blossom, and some potential showmances to heat up.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Donny won the Power of Veto and used it to save Jocasta. Devin is nominated and, by all accounts he will be going home.

Devin has tried to campaign to everyone, but it hasn't been that successful. No one can trust him after everything he's done so far and the consensus is that he needs to go.

The Detonators

In the wee hours of Tuesday night, Derrick, Cody, Zach, Frankie and Christine were in the HoH room and formalized their five-person alliance. They settled on the name the Detonators, inspired by being the ones to blow up the Bomb Squad into a smaller, more manageable group.

However, just because the alliance now has a name doesn't mean it's for real. Zach still has his Final 2 deal with Frankie and his Final 3 deal with Derrick and Cody (called Los Tres Amigos). Everyone is still nervous about Zach because he has no filter. He's mentioned on multiple occasions wanting to start about a dozen other alliances, with everyone from Brittany to Hayden to Donny. The other Detonators, mostly Derrick, have to keep trying to coach him how to stop running his mouth.

The Detonators view Christine as an asset because of how close she is with Hayden and Nicole, and while she goes along with this, I still believe she is more loyal to those two, especially since she made a promise with Nicole to both vote to evict Caleb this week, hoping to frame Donny and Jocasta on the rogue votes.

Also within this five-person alliance, Derrick and Cody have formalized their Final 2 deal, calling themselves the Hitmen. At this point, there's probably am alliance name for every conceivable grouping of HGs.

The Outsiders

You may have noticed that the Detonators are really just the Bomb Squad minus Caleb, Amber, Devin and late edition Hayden. What about the others? Well, the non-Bomb Squad members are known as the Outsiders, and they seem to be in trouble. Donny and Jocasta have been talking about the game more often, both wanting to work with Brittany to try and take out the Bomb Squad. They view Derrick as the ringleader, which is pretty smart. They also know that, even though Victoria is technically an "Outsider," she can't be trusted because she's too easily influenced by others.

Speaking of Victoria, her single great contribution to this season is when she told a story about how, when she was 2-years-old in Israel, a crow picked her up and tried to take her away. It might be the funniest/dumbest thing ever.

While the remnants of the Bomb Squad still have each other, Brittany, Victoria, Donny and Jocasta don't really have any official alliances or groups they can trust, which makes them easy targets for the next few weeks. And they know it. Well, except for Victoria, who is one of the most clueless HGs ever.


Big Brother 16 has been sorely lacking in the showmance department, and that isn't likely to change any time soon. However, there is some movement.

Hayden and Nicole's "cuddlemance" is slowly gaining traction, especially now that others are figuring out how much they cuddle. That might be bad news for them, because as chaste as they try to keep things, it's becoming clear to everyone how close those two really are.

The other big showmance might be turning into a love triangle. We all know Caleb is obsessed with Amber and she's not that into him. But on Tuesday, Amber's flirtation with Cody reached new levels with a very long talk in the hammock. Part of Cody's game definitely appears to be using his good looks to flirt with the ladies, even Brittany or Nicole, but this week his efforts have been largely focused on Amber.

The danger, however, is Caleb, who might say he's fine with it, but who is definitely not. It's a tense situation that could lead to some excitement down the road, and I expect the episodes to highlights this drama.

There's also a second, much sillier "love triangle" brewing. Zach and Frankie (or Zankie) are back on the same page after Frankie tried to go behind Zach's back and get him evicted last week. They are constantly hugging, snuggling and cuddling, and it really seems like Frankie is starting to genuinely care about his straight crush.

An even less realistic obsession might be Victoria's, as the other HGs have been making fun of her for being in love with "Frank," which is the name Frankie goes by when he pretends to be straight. In other words, a straight girl is in love with a gay guy who's in love with a straight guy. That sounds like the plot of an indie movie in the '90s.

Zach Saves Team America

The week has been quiet, but one other entertaining thing happened. After Team America did all it could to complete its mission of spreading a rumor that Zach is the cousin of season 15 HG Amanda Zuckerman, Derrick told Zach about the rumor. And because Zach is crazy, he loved the rumor and decided to play around with it.

What followed was Zach coyly and sheepishly playing with everyone. He would tell Nicole that the rumor is false, then flash a sly grin, making her question whether he is or not. After a while, I'm pretty sure several HGs actually believe that he is, but that's entirely due to Zach having fun with it. That part saved the mission, because otherwise it was a total mess. It also may have inadvertently helped Donny's game. Nicole and others were growing suspicious of him for spreading this Zach rumor, but Zach's pseudo-confirmation has drawn a lot of the heat away from Donny.

I hope the game gets back into overdrive in week 4, because as much as I love Zach lying about being Amanda's cousin, Victoria's crow story and Zankie snuggling, there has been very little game in week 3.

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