'Big Brother 16' Recap: Six vs. Two
'Big Brother 16' Recap: Six vs. Two
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Big Brother 16 is a numbers game. Unfortunately, the Bomb Squad has had the numbers every single week, even when they decided to take out some of their own like Devin, Amber and Zach. In this episode, the numbers are so obvious that the game itself is rendered meaningless. There's no point to campaigning or trying to use reason and logic, because numbers are all that matter.

The Return of Nicole

Nicole is back and before Hayden leaves he whispers "Derrick and Cody" in her ear as her targets while Jocasta tells her to stick with Donny (before accidentally kissing her on the lips). But, of course, everyone else is only thinking one thing: Donny and Nicole need to go. They're all mad that Donny and Nicole are going to be working together and it makes them feel very uncomfortable.

Derrick immediately tells everyone that Donny and Nicole need to be the targets and no one is allowed to talk to them. They just need to win HoH, put them both up and vote one out so it's back to six against one. Honestly, you can stop watching the rest of this week's episodes and live feeds after that moment.

Donny fills Nicole in about what happened last week with Christine throwing the Battle of the Block and the Skittles selection. It's frustrating to see everyone whine about how Donny and Nicole are scheming when they're also scheming behind closed doors against those two.

We get filled in on Donny campaigning to Cody and others about how Derrick is working with everyone. But Cody and the others ran back to tell Derrick all about it because they trust him. Derrick admits to us that Donny is completely right about his game, which is why Donny needs to go. This is just depressing.

The HoH Competition

The competition is five against two. If Donny or Nicole don't win, they're going on the block and one of them is going to be evicted. They know it. The others know it. We know it.

It's a boxing competition where they must punch in the answer for what day an event happened. In each round, the last person to get it right is out.

Nicole is out first followed by Victoria and Christine. Way to go, girls. Caleb and Derrick are the next two eliminated. It's a final showdown of Cody vs. Donny. If Cody wins, Donny and Nicole are doomed. If Donny wins, the game becomes interesting. But Donny gets knocked out. Cody wins the HoH.

Derrick, Frankie, Caleb, Christine, Victoria and Cody celebrate. Donny and Nicole are sad. Everyone knows what's going to happen.

The HoH Room

Because there's absolutely no game to be played this week, we waste time seeing Cody's HoH room where Caleb lusts after his sister. Donny tries to be funny by making a joke about how he's surprised Cody isn't an idiot. Everyone acts like he just committed a crime, as if he's not already Cody's #1 target.

Later, Cody tells Nicole that Donny is his target because he's a schemer and he's upset that Nicole is talking to him. He blames Donny for being the reason that he and Derrick turned on her and Hayden. She tries to point out that Frankie and Caleb are working together as a way to keep her around down the road.

The Hitmen have a meeting and Cody points out that he'd rather have Nicole here than Christine. This is all planning for the future, because in everyone's minds, Donny has already been evicted this Thursday. All game talk this week pertains only to future weeks.

The next morning, Donny wakes up Cody to talk about nominations. He knows he's doomed and tries to get Cody to take the first shot at Frankie or Christine because, once it gets down to the Top 6, Cody is going to be evicted before Victoria. Donny, like the viewers, wants these HGs to start actually playing the game to win instead of just playing for their alliance to win. He fails because none of these people seem to care about the game, no matter what they say in the diary room.

Beastmode Ninja, the Undercover Cop and Haycole

This episode requires a lot of filler. The first segment has Caleb showing off his ninja moves. It's so completely stupid that even writing about it kills brain cells.

The second bit of filler is all about how Derrick is working undercover as a hipster dad to try and fit in with all of these young kids. The bottom line is that everything about him is a lie.

The third bit of filler has Nicole talking about how awesome Hayden is and how he's a good kisser in the jury house.

Team America

Derrick and Donny have a chat where Derrick claims that, contrary to what Donny might think, Derrick wants to keep him and that Team America means everything to him. He calls out Donny for telling people that Derrick should be a target.

Derrick says he likes Donny more than anyone besides Cody and that he could keep Donny if he wanted to, but Derrick is upset that Donny isn't being truthful with him. I'm calling B.S. on all of this, because everything that Derrick is accusing Donny of doing is the same stuff Derrick and Frankie have been doing to Donny all season. Last week proved that, since they didn't tell Donny anything honest about the Skittles or Christine throwing the competition.

I feel like this scene, and Derrick claiming that Donny has made his own bed by making himself a target, is just Derrick's pathetic attempt to save face with the viewers and make himself look like the good guy. I don't care about Derrick lying to others, but he's clearly lying to us in the diary room. He just wants to evict Donny without seeming like he's betraying Team America. But as we saw in his filler segment, he's undercover and everything about him is a lie, including this.

The Nominations

Cody nominates...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Sorry, I feel asleep on my keyboard for a second. Cody nominates Donny and Nicole. He claims he likes both of them, but Nicole is on her second life and Donny told him different things that what Donny told others.

Afterwards, Cody tells us that he's thinking about making a big move this week. Yeah, that's what the Bomb Squad says every single week, but they never do.

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