'Big Brother 16' Recap: Another 8 HGs Move In
'Big Brother 16' Recap: Another 8 HGs Move In
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It's part 2 of the Big Brother 16 Move-In event! Last night the first eight HGs entered the house, Frankie won the first HoH, three separate alliances were formed (Crazy 8s, Double Ds and El Quatro) and a few of the many twists were explained.

Tonight the other eight move in, a second HoH is crowned and the Chenbot will hopefully give us more details on how two HoHs, four nominees and the Battle of the Block will work.

BUT FIRST...this is Big Brother 16!

Meet the Second 8

Victoria: She's an Orthodox photographer who lived in Israel until she was 8.

Caleb: He's a metrosexual country boy who the Internet has already exposed for making racist comments. He's basically a Tea Party guy, so he'll probably clash with Joey "Left Wing Is the Best Wing" Van Pelt.

Brittany: She's coming out of a 10-year marriage and she has three kids.

Christine: She's a super fan and extra adorkable. She also loves to be naked.

Derrick: He's an undercover cop and basically the love child of Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.

Zach: He's a chill golfer who only cares about himself. He promises to lie at all times.

Jocasta: She's a minister in a bowtie with two kids. And apparently she used to be bisexual?

Hayden: He's a pedicab driver and goofy. He thinks people underestimate him. I suspect our estimation is correct, despite his claim that he got straight As in school.

Moving In

Julie tells these eight that there are already eight people in the house and one of them is HoH, but don't worry, because one of them will be a second HoH, even though only one will be left standing at the end of the week. Madness.

The new eight come in and meet the old eight. Caleb is instantly in love with Amber. Hayden thinks Devin looks like the Rock and Cody looks like John Travolta. Zach doesn't care about anyone and Victoria bonds with Frankie over their love of pink.

Nicole is sad that the dynamics have changed and all of their original alliances are probably dead. Derrick is the first to point out that the original eight probably formed bonds, so they're starting off in two teams.

Victoria boasts that she's the hottest girl in the house. Hello, New Jessie. Joey loves Christine's quirkiness. Derrick lies about his cop career, saying he works at the parks and rec department. Is he just going to pretend to be Ron Swanson?

Cody can't believe three kids came out of Brittany's banging body. Frankie takes an immediate dislike to Caleb's obvious Conservative nature. Yeah, this house, with loud people like Pow-Pow, Frankie, Joey and Christine, is definitely leaning far left.

New Bonds

Frankie bonds with Victoria and tells her to win the second HoH competition so they can work together. Yeah, because it's that easy.

Pow-Pow is wary of Caleb and tries to get a read on him. She's scared that he's a big beast and will go against her because she's the other big personality in the game.

Donny makes a cricket noise and everyone is in awe. These people are easily amused, but he's doing a great job of making himself the fun, non-threatening guy everyone likes.

Derrick and Brittany bond over being parents.

Zach knows that Frankie went to a snooty, rich kids private high school and judges him for it. Zach is a total dick to Frankie right away, which might be bad since Frankie is an HoH. But with a bunch of unknown twists, that's not necessarily true.

The Second HoH Competition

It's time to decide who will be the second HoH alongside Frankie. The second group of eight must hold onto a rotating log as long as possible with a Tiki luau theme.

Victoria is out first.

Ha, so much for Frankie's hopes. Why does he just ASSUME that the two HoHs will work together? Since Julie Chen said only one HoH will be left at the end of the week, that would suggest to me that the HoHs will compete at some point.

Then BBQ sauce is added, making them all slippery.

Brittany is out second.
Jocasta is out third.
Christine is out fourth.

And all the ladies are down.

Zach is out fifth,
Derrick is out sixth.

Neither of those guys wanted to win, they just wanted to prove they weren't useless. Caleb, on the other hand, is pulling a full-on Jeremy, unafraid to boast about being the strongest, toughest man in the house. He even takes one hand off of the log to smooth out his hair, just to show off.

Hayden is out seventh.

Caleb is the second HoH!

Frankie and Devin both want to work with Caleb after seeing how strong he is.

How the 2 HoHs Will Work

Julie gathers everyone to explain how it will work. Each HoH will nominate two people, meaning four are in jeopardy. As for the Battle of the Block, the two sets of nominees will do battle. The winning pair will be safe and the HoH who nominated them will be dethroned and will be eligible to be a replacement nominee after the PoV. Interesting.

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This actually encourages the HoHs to nominate WEAKER players, because they don't want their nominees to win the Battle of the Block. Unlike last year, this truly is a No Floater Summer.

The Team American Alliance

This season, three HGs will be chosen to be in a secret alliance called Team America who will have to perform various tasks to win money. And the first member is...Joey! WTF? Ariana Grande's brother didn't win? That's insane! I guess people prefer bluer hair to pink.

Now we can vote for the second member, who will be revealed next Thursday. I still want to know what happens if Joey gets evicted before the other two are chosen.

The live feeds start tonight at 10pm PT (1am ET), so come back then as I'll try my best to figure out which four HGs got nominated, who nominated them, and whether the Battle of the Block has already happened.

Then come back Sunday for the next new episode of Big Brother 16 featuring the HoH suites, nominations and the Battle of the Block.

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