'Big Brother 16' Recap: Devin Goes Power Crazy
'Big Brother 16' Recap: Devin Goes Power Crazy
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Big Brother 16 is moving fast and may be known as the season of rapid self-implosions. Following Joey's eviction, Amber and Devin became the new HoHs, and in this episode, we see how quickly that power goes to Devin's head. But if you're following the live feeds, you know that this episode only begins to scratch the surface of the insanity to come.

In this episode, we see Devin going power crazy (as well as regular crazy) with house meetings and nominations. There's also yet another new alliance to keep track of, a whole lot of guy love and the Battle of the Block competition that's about as legitimate as the 1919 World Series.

Devin's House Meeting

With Devin as HoH, everyone is worried that he will go power crazy. They're not wrong. Zach feels badly for Cody, but assures him that it's all good because two members of the Bomb Squad won HoH and they're all safe.

Amber says all she wanted out of HoH was pictures of her family and Devin is every bit as happy to see a photo of his daughter. Devin's letter from his mom is sweet and touching.

Devin starts thinking about his family and wants to play with more honesty and integrity. To do this, he tells Donny that he was suspicious of him and was solely responsible for getting him nominated, not Caleb or Frankie. Zach, in the next bed, hears this and is even more worried that Devin keeps blabbing.

Devin one-ups himself by calling a house meeting to cry about his daughter and tells everyone that he forced Caleb to nominate Donny. FYI, this happened BEFORE he won HoH. Devin is shocked to learn that people think it sounded like he was throwing Caleb under the bus. He claims they're twisting his words, and all the blame for that is put on Brittany. Devin's logic is far from sound. Frankie puts it best, explaining that you can't be honest and always tell the truth in this game.

Nicole's Strange Alliance

As filler, Nicole and Hayden flirt. Between this and the ghost stuff, Nicole is being painted as the new Jordan Lloyd, a flighty, sweet girl. But she's a bit smarter, because she wants to use her flirtation to draw Hayden into a secret alliance with her and Christine. But this alliance is treated as a silly lark with the music the show plays in the background, not a serious threat.

The Nominations

HoHs Devin and Amber meet with Caleb, Frankie and Derrick to discuss nominations. Devin wants to put up Brittany and Paola to cut off Brittany, the head of the snake. Well, the imaginary snake in Devin's mind, at least. Amber, however, doesn't want to nominate two girls or Donny. Devin floats the idea of nominating a Bomb Squad member, but Derrick shuts that down and suggests Hayden and Nicole.

Devin nominates Brittany and Paola. Brittany nominates Hayden and Nicole.

Devin explains that he put them up because he wants to give Paola a chance to show she can compete (a lie) while Brittany "questioned his integrity" with her reaction to his house meeting. Amber's speech is that Hayden and Nicole are strong players and doesn't say much else.

"After" the ceremony, Devin tells Hayden and Nicole to come see him about the nominations and he tells them not to worry because they're both safe and they need to trust him. First of all, they weren't his nominees, they were Amber's. And secondly, he needs to stop telling everyone how to feel and what to do.

He adds that he asked Pow-Pow to throw the competition. Then we see Devin asking Pow-Pow to throw the Battle of the Block competition. He pinky swears that if she does this, she's not going home and she won't be the target next week. It's worth noting that most of this (Devin asking Hayden and Nicole up to the HoH room and asking Pow-Pow to throw the competition) happened BEFORE the nomination ceremony. Shame on Big Brother 16 for creative editing.

"I'm Not Gay, But..."

The filler of the episode features the "Zrankie" romance. Zach says he's straight many times, but we see their love as Zach and Frankie cuddle, hug and share their special friendship. They are very affectionate with each other. Cody even talks to Brittany about how he thought they were going to make out in bed (well, that's only part of his X-rated chat about what Zach allegedly told Cody he wanted to do with Frankie before the live feeds started). Elsewhere, Devin and Caleb talk about their love of cuddling, so there's a whole lot of guy love in this episode.

The Battle of the Block

The competition starts at 5:10am (early Friday morning, so this was literally less than 12 hours after Thursday's live eviction). Donny hysterically and jokingly says "I feel like I'm back in Vietnam, Devin." I assumed Ariana Grande's brother would win America's Favorite, but Donny has clearly already won that prize.

The fraternity set from the HoH competition is trashed and they must answer questions about the crazy party that went on based on photos that rotate rapidly on a monitor. The first to four points wins. There are also punishments, with Brittany having to wear beer goggles that mess with her vision.

Pow-Pow and Brittany get three questions wrong, the last two because Pow-Pow was clearly throwing it. That gives Hayden and Nicole three points, and Hayden then answers one question correctly to win. Nicole did nothing and never buzzed in, which is a bit disappointing since last week's BotB competition was based on teamwork.

Hayden and Nicole win the Battle of the Block. Amber is dethroned as HoH, which means Brittany and Pow-Pow are still nominated.

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Wednesday's episode of Big Brother 16 promises to be extra crazy, with a whole lot of drama, the PoV and the final two members of Team America.

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